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  1. Earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, etc., are more common, so I don't think that if it happens every 100 years is a good idea, I think it should happen more often (without your nuggets suffering the consequences).
  2. El idioma del foro es el Inglés, pero tenemos un subforo para hablar en español aquí:
  3. When you upgrade the water pump you destroy it to buy a new one. That's why if you cancel it you won't have nor upgraded pump nor regular pump.
  4. That's because some names were changed and as devs were focused on balancing the game and adding new stuff the tutorials were forgotten.
  5. Yeah, tornado is being more frequent than expected and it's being looked into.
  6. Time not changing while moving and game paused it's definitely a bug, as well as going backwards
  7. I think that they don't offer refunds, but you can contact them here:
  8. The family of the dead nugget is supposed to bring the body to the pyre if the graveyard is not built.
  9. If you don't want to wait till autumn and place your evolution tower in summer, I'd research fishing first, as it's faster to research and build, if you do this fast you can have food/survive until spring, then you can start to grow food on the farm.
  10. I jump too late to this, I'll need to test it, but I think that I placed a building in a forest, the trees disappeared but the wood resources counter increased, so I guess the resources don't get lost. I tried and I was wrong, the resources are not collected
  11. bugs

    Hello! This is a Mac problem and we're aware of it, we're currently working to fix it.
  12. Creator powers are not implemented yet, the only thing you can do right now with your unlimited god power is picking nuggets and throw them into outer space.
  13. If you play with the tutorial, the first well, the first pump and the first reservoir are instantly built.
  14. Yes