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  1. Español

    Para la v.18 nos centramos más en arreglar fallos que en implementar cosas
  2. A question about games ?

    The game will be localized to the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian
  3. Español

    El premedieval está llegando poco a poco, y desde luego avances ha habido, por ejemplo la función de guardado. Sin prisa pero sin pausa. Pasito a pasito...
  4. Trying to connect to dashboard

    Hi, until the link is fixed can you try again? If you receive the same DNS error again go to the URL bar and change the "_" of theuniversim_com for a ".", so the URL will be theuniversim.com/...
  5. Bug report button do not works, wells do not works

    Hi there! Wells do not provide water to buildings, water pumps provide water to buildings and reservoir.
  6. Lost Password Not Working

    Hi @GrizzlyHD, the same message appeared to another user but the email was sent. Please, check your inbox and spam folder.
  7. Disaster Ideas

    Earthquakes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, etc., are more common, so I don't think that if it happens every 100 years is a good idea, I think it should happen more often (without your nuggets suffering the consequences).
  8. juego en español

    El idioma del foro es el Inglés, pero tenemos un subforo para hablar en español aquí:
  9. Gameplay Bugs

    When you upgrade the water pump you destroy it to buy a new one. That's why if you cancel it you won't have nor upgraded pump nor regular pump.
  10. Constructor's Hut

    That's because some names were changed and as devs were focused on balancing the game and adding new stuff the tutorials were forgotten.
  11. Tornado

    Yeah, tornado is being more frequent than expected and it's being looked into.
  12. Time going backwards

    Time not changing while moving and game paused it's definitely a bug, as well as going backwards
  13. Refund

    I think that they don't offer refunds, but you can contact them here: https://crytivogames.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new
  14. Nugget Juice Post Hotfix Issues

    The family of the dead nugget is supposed to bring the body to the pyre if the graveyard is not built.