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  1. control and left mouse click, not right. you have to try to hit the edge of the hut, because if you click the center it will pop up the ui for the house.
  2. Sure, but it's also in the creators/streamers post. Http://
  3. I checked there but saw nothing about the recent hotfix but thanks anyways.
  4. Total AI Crash I finally found what causes the complete AI crash. Upon surpassing 20 nuggets, if it starts to hiccup at all, placing the Dew Forecast tower crashes the AI completely. I tried replicating it several times after loading the previous state and it froze all nuggets every time. Also bugs with current hotfix. Gravedigger gets stuck "getting body" but doesn't move until dies. Also if a nugget dies during a job it stays locked to the job and shows DEAD until you remove them from job and add another nugget to the job.
  5. archive hotfix patch notes. Is there a link to it? or can it be posted in here?
  6. Hey guys, I understand the troubles you are having, due to the balancing I created a post about a month ago. You guys should check it out. If you follow these steps, unless the ai crashes you should be able to get up to 40-60 nuggets.
  7. Ah, then I'm out. That's why I didn't join the Evocati test group in star citizen. I hate NDA. Thanks for the prompt response though.
  8. not sure, but the way it responds after loading with AI break, means it saves the state of the AI as well as buildings and world. So they need to make it upon loading the game it completely refreshes the AI. Would keep it from staying glitched.
  9. Could be a list of items. But I am just stating I have a AMD card, granted a fairly new card, but I have yet to see this issue. are you meaning AMD CPU or graphics card, cause intel makes CPUs not video cards.
  10. QA tester Hello, I'm considering signing up for the QA team, but I wanted to ask if there is a NDA for QA testing. I was wondering because I stream and would enjoy streaming and bugfinding together. Thanks.
  11. I doubt its amd, I'm running a R9 390x and I don't have that issue
  12. Also a minor fix (not bug) but the texture quality selector in the menu is reversed while the rest are fine.
  13. Current bugs. v17 AI pathing still seems to be a issue, mostly during dating. If one is performing a action the other will follow while twitching until the action is complete and then I would have to pick one up, drop it, then they would date. If a farmer dies in the farm house it can break the UI. I tried to click on the farm and it showed as another and acted as if I was holding down spacebar (screen shifting with mouse) If AI is broken in any way before save, after loading AI is still broken. (was hoping this would fix the issue not perpetuate it) Loading saved game causes water effects to disappear from reservoir. Nuggets faces aren't showing up in cemetery, just white circles. Gravedigger gets stuck picking up body then twitches uncontrollably until you either remove them from job or pick up dead body and fling into space. These are just current bugs from first playthrough. Will post more as they come.
  14. nice to see all the new features and fixes, still didn't mention a date for drop since its mostly been on time on the 1st. Oh well, after the holidays I'm guessing.