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  1. Impressions

    I had 1 hospital, 1 pyre, and 2 cemetery's with 60 nuggets. I had no issue with my witch doctor keeping people healthy. I always start close to a mountain region so I can have a farm making medicine. I have more of an issue with gravediggers taking so long. Granted they have lives too, waiting for them to eat, then drink, then mate to go get a corpse can be frustrating. However I find the hardest challenge being keeping enough water pumps built ahead of growth. Once they start expanding and you upgrade pumps it becomes a struggle to manufacture materials to stay ahead of it.
  2. How to start my "civilization"

    go to this post. This will help you get started.
  3. Survival Tips

    Survival Tips So, these are my survival tips so far. I have found the way to make it through the first winter and not starve quickly. However getting numbers up is still hard. Highest I got was 34 before the AI glitched. 1. Don't place your epicenter until it is almost fall. Around year 11 is ideal. 2. Use the tutorials for the free buildings, they make a difference come summer. 3. Research water, place pump, well, and reservoir, then research tools. 4. Build 2nd water pump and reservoir, as well as engineers. 5. Research farms, then eatery, then fishing. 6. Build 2 farms as soon as available. (preferably one in forest and one in grassland) Grow bloody fruit and acorns, or just bloody fruit 7. Build a eatery and start researching hospital then cemetery 8. Build 2 more wells. 9. Build a hospital and cemetery as soon as they are available. 10. research fire, and the camel perk to reduce hunger and thirst 11. build 2 piers and a 2nd engineers. from here you can build another eatery and any other buildings you wish. And I have no issue of survival unless the AI craps out which it usually does.