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  1. Shaders low have not worked for months for this bug, most issues seam to be related to AMD cards.
  2. This bug has been around for months on AMD users... I haven't been able to play this April.
  3. Tried everything including driver updates, clean installs and graphic settings. The bug looks like it is shader related. Bug is still in the latest game update. Read another post about changing shaders, its good and working once on low.
  4. Same issue here, tried all I can think of. Specs: 16GB Ram, Windows 10, AMD FX 8350, R9 380 4GB, 1080p
  5. Graphics are my current issue, before the Apr 1st update everything was fine, now the game made me think my GFX card had crashed. have tried clean re-installs of the game and also updated drivers to no avail.