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  1. .23 Bug - Nuggets vanishing (into the floor)

    This has happened to me as well with the other updates as well. For me it always started when I try to upgrade the water pumps.
  2. Transferring the Game

    It worked! Thanks! (Sorry im so stupid haha )
  3. Transferring the Game

    I just bought a whole new PC yesterday that is going to completely replace the one i'm using now and I wanted to know if there was a way to just transfer the game onto my new PC without having to make a whole new account and buy the game again. Is there a way? Or will I have to buy it again?
  4. System Requirement

    Did the minimum system requirements go up with the recent patch? I was able to run the game fine with medium-high settings and now after the update I can't even load the game. After hitting "start new life" the game won't load. It just makes my computer crap out after loading for about 30 seconds. Tried turning down the graphics all the way and same issue. My PC isn't great but it seems weird that the system requirements could change that much so quickly. Here's my specs: Motherboard: M5A78L-M CPU: AMD FX 6100 Six Core Processor GPU: Geforce GTX 660 RAM: 4 GB
  5. V17 Bugs and Issues

    I agree with all of this. Not to sound harsh but right now the game is unplayable due to the amount of bugs in this patch. Here are some things to add to it: 1. At least in my game, I have a water pump and a well, yet nuggets usually don't go to drink water from ANYWHERE and die from dehydration. 2. Even after assigning a nugget to the hospital nuggets still don't use it, even when there are Herbs. 3. Nuggets get stuck in a loop randomly. 4. Sometimes when assigning to the Engineers Hut they don't always work, it just says whatever they were doing before, in my instance it was "waiting to mate". I agree the balance with research really needs to be looked at. I have not had a civilization past 9 people and just end up dying out. I really hope there is at least a hotfix before the next update.