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  1. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    Your nuggets are trolls
  2. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    I also believe some of the dances are to do with the placement of things, recently I have noticed that either resources or buildings can be too close to each other where the nuggets get stuck. You have to manually remove the building or the resource to remove this spot where they get stuck. I also fixed a mass freezing (i think it was the beginnings of it anyway) by sounding the alarm. Not sure if it's what was happening though. I also noticed that a lot of them were getting stuck on resource carrying... I think too many nuggets are reserving a resource and deadlock. I honestly think there might be a deadlock in the AI.
  3. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    Wasnt sure whether I should make a new post regarding this or not but I decided to add it to this one. I believe I have figured out why the refineries seem to work so poorly. I believe its cause of the two nuggets getting stuck on each other. I removed one of them from the building after observing their strange stuck dance.... which happens in a few situations, not just in refineries... and the nugget did good work. Materials were being moved efficiently and refining process functioned. I think a lot of issues we have been reporting are bugs in the AI. It seems it just can't quite decide what to do most of the times. I would even suggest taking a closer look at it once more. However, for now, I think it's a decent enough a workaround for the refineries.
  4. Weird nugget bug recorder on v19

    Yes, I have seen similar issues. This was something that I've seen in the last patch too. This is the first time I see 2 nuggets getting stuck on each other though. I have had them stuck on a bit of resource that was left by water, so they danced around that. Also, there was this weird one where they danced around a tree. Had to murder that tree.... That fixed it Not sure its the same thing....
  5. Patch Overwhaleming feedback

    I would actually agree with your points. Also, would like to add some of my own. Yes to the rhythm, much better now. Though refineries do work now better than previously, still, it seems like they just log around doing nothing for most of the time. I got 3 buildings upgraded before all nuggets froze for some reason. I also have been rather outraged about the water drain... it shouldn't be in the game if the water cycle isn't yet. The amount of drainage is ridiculous. Would 40 people be ever able to drink an ocean? I doubt that. I mean we have 7 billion people and we still got water right? Though not too big of a deal atm since it all goes to "poo poo" before the ocean fully drains... Would like to see what happens when it does Hmm....... What is up with the ridiculously long winters and short summers all of a sudden? 3 super long winters in a row and then it was too much for my food production. It just didn't keep up anymore. Again, the more the population grows the more the nuggets seem to do everything else and less work. I feel like something will have to be done regarding this eventually. Not too big of an issue atm though. Some of the buildings were not upgradable for some reason. Like 2 farms, one could be upgraded and the other not. Why? Is there a mechanism preventing upgrades now? Nuggets tend to get stuck a little too often. I had this little area where I had nuggets getting stuck all the time, I had to rescue them all the time until I decided to kill a bunch of trees that they were getting stuck in. Sometimes they stand still for a long time before deciding what to do. Almost feels like some crazy loop that just keeps failing somehow. Nuggets build their huts in other structures and in trees. I had a couple huts that were built with trees growing through them. Another hut was built in an eatery. Another one was in an archive building. What??? Didn't break the functionality through I also didn't notice traits yet, I was unable to find them yet.... Where are they again? Haha Wasnt there a fisher hut upgrade at one point? I didn't see that research at all, I finished all blue research in my last game and the upgrades that did come through were for farms, water ... stuff.... , hospital, eatery and funeral pyre. I realize I am practically calling out most of the structures currently in the game I just had a feeling we had an upgrade for the fisher huts too. Nice to see that priority works a little better now. Still no visual indication of prioritized structures. I assume there's a queue for the structures to build, I think it's just a matter of exposing that a little? Loading the game was finally functinal for me. So happy about that. Thumbs up for that. The whales looked amazing Put a smile on my face. The calendar, is out of synch by a block I think. The weather updates visually but not mechanically. I think theres a disconnect between the visual and mechanics there. I realize that this seems like a lot of complaining, but it's actually not. The fact that I have all this feedback is a good thing. I am a person who wouldn't even bother writing this if I didn't think it was worth it. The more things I have to discuss the more the game has become playable and enjoyable. Very fine work guys. I will be trying a few more playthroughs still before I am satisfied. Very well done. Cannot wait for the next update already. I am also very happy about the seemingly monthly releases. Keep it up, guys. P.S. Can someone please make a Patch subforum for this? I liked the way we had those for each patch