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    What if you gained more Power by having a lot of followers? Only a slow trickle for having 0 followers, but then you use your first 5000 points to "influence" someone to start a better gain. Flashback to CIV 5's Religion and Faith generation
  2. 15.46 Ho hum... wasted my time

    Yeah, I saw quite a few nuggets who appeared to be stuck between a tree and a building (which was there before they walked in) and just pacing back and forth trying to "escape" and do something. Dead thirsty nugget.
  3. @Ereketh I love the insight you gave; I was so intent on imagining how to combat the infection that I failed to consider by what means they should get infected in the first place. Kudos!
  4. I'm imagining how things were in reality, prehistoric times, and honestly, maybe people just learned "hey all those people got sick from that dead person, maybe the gods don't want us messing with it?" But that might be hard to implement, Nuggets with group learning capabilities. Another thing humans had was potential immunity, a super small chance to just not get sick, passed on to children. In a group of 30, 2 people would be around 7% population immunity, and enough to... repopulate the planet? Oh, and post-illness immunity would be cool too. Per-Nugget antibodies. Otherwise, people are right above, just make the Gravedigger/person who burns bodies a little more... motivated. (Even manual stimulation would work for me. "Suddenly a great voice boomed in my mind, and It sayeth upon me, 'Yo get that body or you gonna kill all your people bro'") Best of development to ya!
  5. Hailing from Nevada, heard about this game from the draegast youtube channel a month ago, happened to show in my recommended videos, finally found the cash to support it and play it. Love the concept, love the implementation, though this deadly disease wrecked my entire population at 28 Nuggets... Hoping balance and gameplay continues to improve as things progress!