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  1. So I am having an issue with clicking on a building and getting the stats, picking a crop for the farm, and all of the other buildings. All it does is act like I am holding the left mouse button down and when you move the mouse away, it moves the planet. This is stopping me from proceeding on in the game.
  2. Priority System

    I have been thinking about this. Why not add a Priority system. This would contain a button to set how important it needs to get done. Like 1= Get to it when you can, 2= Get too it soonish, 3= Get too it NOW! So like when you have more than 5 building and have need to get a weather station up, you can have that first. Then the rest when there isn't a storm.
  3. Nugget dies twice

    So after a Nugget dies, it lets you know that they dies for whatever reason. When you need to use Telekinesis because you either don't have a graveyard or your Graveyard person is lazy and you shoot the Dead nugget up to the heavens, it says that the creator killed the Nugget.
  4. Telekinesis

    Ok, so I came across a bug. When you pick up a Nugget and are holding it, Alive/Dead, you start moving without wanting to move. You find your self miles away from the camp. When you release, you stop. I have tested this 2 times in 2 different restarts. I am using a mac, tho I don't think it really matters.