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  1. OMG they are so many Mine weren't adults yet and i closed the game, it got so laggy it was freezing completely at some point.
  2. Insane ammount of babies and it keeps going! My nuggets wont stop mating! Suddenly they got extremly fertile, without 'Devine punishment' being researched! By now they've made 1288 babies and keep mating. This made my game aslo extremly laggy. version Nugget Juice operating system: Windows 10 home 64-bit bug: Nuggets stuck mating and keep mating. replicate: I have no idea how it happened. They started normaly mating before a windstorm and this started happening when it ended. They just keep on mating. comp specs: Core i7-4770K, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 770
  3. 15.46 Ho hum... wasted my time

    I had nuggets stucking on a date few min after starting a new game. I have no idea if the stuck nuggets is an old bug but I have faith that they are working on this tho, since it can be a huge problem. I love the consept, just have to be patient i guess. We can just try to help by testing and reporting
  4. Stuck Nuggets Bug

    I'm not sure if it counts towards the same bugs but i didn't find any post about this and i don't want to start a new topic so here it goes Version of the current build: V.0.0.15 Operating System: Windows 10 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: stuck nugget waiting to mate until death How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): Not sure how it happened. I started a new game and the nugget went to mate but his other half never came. Module: AI Computer specs: Intel(R)Core i7 3.50 GHZ, 16 GB ram, nvidia GTX770
  5. Lazy Doctors.

    Hi! I've got the same issue I had 2 hospitals and both were full with deseased nuggets because some couldnt pick the wood material in the water and stuck in a loop and it became mass grave area. Kinda funny. Some that were passing got ill. Version of the current build: V.0.0.15 Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Brief BUG/Glitch Description: Nugget going to hospital to work and stays near the preparing table and does nothing while the hospital is full. Fallen wood material (in the water) can't be picked and nuggets stuck trying to pick it. When they die, new nuggets try to pick again until death. Which led to hospitals full with deseased nuggets (that were just passing by) and doctors stuck in a "doing nothing" loop. After a while when those bugs appeared - my game crashed. Not sure if it's connected. . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): Not sure how to replicate the crash. The bugs happened after the nuggets got deseased. Module: AI Computer specs: intel core i7, 16gb ram
  6. Hi everyone! Last night I joined The Universim train too! Even in an early stage the game is awesome and addicting. I already love the little nuggets, i found out that they just learned to talk too, that's sooo cool. Keep up the good work guys!