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  1. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    This. Honestly at this point I wouldn't be upset if Graveyard became automated. What I mean by this is you can still be required to keep a nugget employed at it but just remove the body gathering mechanic all together. Just have them teleport to the grave and maybe put a little funeral animation or something. This would eliminate a LOT of problems. If you want to keep the illness mechanic just make it something random that people get, like how tornadoes randomly appear. The breeding in this recent patch feels like it spend up again. In the previous patch it felt better...slower is better. I can't imagine a stoneage population booming as fast as it currently does in game. If I think of more I will edit this post and add to it. I admit I don't use Pyres often because I don't like the idea that a resource that isn't renewable yet like wood goes into burning the bodies. I haven't checked lately but I recall it being cheaper to just build another cemetery. I like the idea that nuggets can be seen on a graveyard but if you think about it is that really going to matter once we get to space age? Maybe we should just increase the limit the graveyard can hold to something huge like 50 nuggets, have a plaque with the names you can view and just give it a new graphic.
  2. Next Era ?

    It was my understanding that the "Pre-Medieval" was renamed "Age of Enbrightenment"
  3. Short Video of Ghost Nugget Bug

    No problem. I hadn't seen any videos posted of it I figured maybe you guys can see something that might be causing it that isn't obvious to us players. lol
  4. Short Video of Ghost Nugget Bug What caused this Ghost Nugget for me is I saw a Nugget was about to die due to loss of HP via Starvation/Thirst. The AI was acting a bit buggy. So Picked him up and hurled him into Space to kill him. Well shortly after I started to get the notification that people were walking through an infected zone. So I found his Ghost floating there with an Infected spot under him. You can also see in the video that my Gravedigger goes to the ghost as if to pick up a body and actually makes the infected zone go away! The Ghost stayed there the whole rest of the game though.
  5. Bugged Season Change

    Self Sustaining village yet AI just stops reproducing. I want to add I don't know how to replicate any of this. I suspect the AI stops reproducing because it's unable to lay huts down from a certain distance of other huts? I don't know the specifics of how the AI chooses to place huts though.
  6. Bugged Season Change So this happened once earlier in the game when transitioning from Winter to Spring, but I didn't have a forecast tower up to see the length of seasons. The whole game it felt like I was a season behind where I should be on the forecast bar. I had started to make this video to show off the Nuggets going haywire through the tight building layout when I caught this bug in action. You can see it more towards the end of the video. I'm not sure what caused it could just be an error when it loaded the planet.
  7. My Biggest Town Yet!

    Haha, yeah they got something great going on here. I can't wait for more. After today's hotfixes I was able to get up to 50+ nuggets again before the AI froze up. They are ALMOST there, I think they found the sweet spot when it comes to balance so far.
  8. V17 Bugs and Issues

    I've had it where resources got placed right on the water shoreline and they are unable to reach it because it's in the water.
  9. V17 Bugs and Issues

    Respectfully but these tips do not work anymore with the current version 17. I used to be able to hit 60+ nuggets no problem before this patch. now I'm lucky if I hit 30 before a disaster wipes everyone out. Pretty much everything Dart Mada touched on I agree with.
  10. game comes to an impassable wall

    I feel like the fact you have to build more than 1 hospital for 20-30 nuggets is just crazy especially when you're supposed to be able to upgrade the buildings. I manage to get up to 30 and I do fine until the dust storm hits and then my ENTIRE population ends up injured. That's when things go down hill and I can NEVER recover. EVER. Half my population dies to injury because even with upgrades it takes docs 10 years to heal one patient. Even when he has a stock pile of 30 healing salves. I have yet to get my civilization to a point where I can even use the advanced buildings because Dust storms or Tornadoes spiral me into a slow population death that never recovers no matter what I do. They really need to hit the game with a hotfix soon because I can't even get to a point where I can test out the new buildings they've added. What good is that?
  11. My Biggest Town Yet!

    Personally I'm hoping that Hunting helps counter balance winter a bit whenever it gets put in.
  12. Pathing Needs Major Work

    To be honest from what I've been reading it seems like they've become much faster and kicking out improvements and content for the game and started out really slow. Looking forward to this big update in a few days!
  13. Nugget Juice Post Hotfix Issues

    Not a bad idea, that feels like something they may eventually fix so that you can't do that. Like have time paused until you actually put the Tower down.
  14. Nugget Juice Post Hotfix Issues

    With regards to the seasons. I never actually timed them myself but they DO feel a bit inconsistent in length. It could just be a mentality thing. Early game you don't want Winter to come because you aren't prepared so it feels like it comes faster? Later in the game you're fine and have more downtime so it feels like it lasts longer. I dunno just my theory on it.
  15. My Biggest Town Yet!

    Yeah the dust storms are pretty awful but only because they last so long and they are annoying to look at and listen to. lol Its funny that I have more Nuggets survive when out in the storm than when I ring the bell to call them in.