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  1. Yep, same here on the pathing and warehouse. I've also noticed that they have started to REALLY pile up supplies at the buildings now. Like restaurant, wood and stone refinery ect. I put my warehouse across from the restaurant and noticed that the nuggets would go back and forth just dropping off supplies rather then storing them. Some would store, others would take them to another location or just sit idle at the warehouse trying to figure out what to do, so many dead nuggets from that.
  2. https://puu.sh/yWool/72feb09ca0.mp4 This is to demonstrate a current Duplication bug with the newly implemented "Hold Shift" function, to place more then one structures while using tutorial mode. 1. When you finish unlocking the water pumps. Hold Shift>Click the Water Pump>Continue Holding Shift - Notice the tutorial dialog pops up, you can click next to make the dialog box go away all the while Holding Shift. 2. Place down unlimited free Water Pumps. - While continuing to Holding Shift Not only is it duplicating the free water pumps, but also any other structures you have unlocked that you can place down for free. 3.After you place down a water pump while Holding Shift, go to your constructions and click a different one, such as a Well. - You'll notice that while still Holding Shift, the new construction template mesh overlaps the Water Pump one. -You can then start placing down unlimited free Wells. - Repeat steps on any other buildings you can construct. Note: If you use the same method, but start off with a Well. You won't be restricted to the snap points the water pumps need.