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  1. Refund

    No one forced you spend 40$ or above on this game at all, it's on you. If you knew that you were having a hard time economically as a student, and that buying things as games would cause you this much distress, then I can't for any god forsaken reason see why the devs are to blame for your poor judgement? Also they quite clearly stated that they don't do refunds, and that research about this game is ON YOU. Geez, some people.
  2. Random crashes + logs + dxdiag Hi there, I keep getting random crashes, and there's no specific way for me to reproduce them, they come and go at different points in time, from early game to late game, with different tiers of buildings. DXDIAG + crash reports has been included 2017-07-11_164910.rar 2017-07-12_093254.rar 2017-07-12_093730.rar DxDiag.txt
  3. Game breaker

    Has happened to many people since 0.17 came out. It's a bug. But to be honest, I think it's misleading saying that the game in it's current state is really playable, it feels like an extremely limited demo, due to the nuggets getting stuck bug, dying while working, infections, overpowered weather events, which eventually leads to that you can't progress up until a certain point. And I know this is an alpha, but there should be more frequent updates as in hotfixes, rather than trying to only publish big patches which is released with what seems to be really far in between.
  4. Game breaker

    That's really quite disappointing to hear, while I do know it's still in alpha, and of course there'll be bugs, but such a simple mechanic as save/load should be absolutely core, and work from the get go. Also I am not really sure why it has to be a building, when it's an external thing of the game.