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  1. MacBook Pro Retina

    bump. the screen resolutions looks really terrible on macbook retina.
  2. Constructor's Hut

    Yes, I was searching the forum before reporting this "bug". on the tooltip where it says "Constructor's Hut" should say "Engineers" instead. I was also looking on every menu for some minutes before figuring out that should be Engineers because it was the closest match. Can someone get a staff on this topic to pull a ticket to the Development team? Think this would help new players.
  3. Hello, Just got the game and hope to have fun on the next days exploring it. Thanks for making this peace of art and keeping working with the community to build it. Best regards,
  4. MacBook Pro Retina

    MacBook Pro Retina Hello, I just got the game and it looks great. I was trying to configure the game settings to my machine MacBook Pro 13'' Retina Touchbar 2017. Any resolution I setup it is either too small (and to much pixels for computer to handle correctly) or out of focus, and I can't find a good resolution to play without pixelized and unfocused (special text). Does anyone had this before? Is there anything that I should try to make the game look better? Anyone have the same machine? whats the best video settings? Thanks,