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  1. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I stream it occasionally on twitch in both english and french (despite having a terrible english accent when i talk). channel is www.twitch.tv/tyanu_khah Next time i'll stream it i'll mention you on twitter
  2. The cemeterry glitch you are describing has already been reported like 3 times
  3. Noticed the sme behaviour with gravediggers or others. They look stuck/not willing to work unless i get them of the job.
  4. There is a similar bug with tombstones textures being a FPS sinkhole. Could be related ?
  5. New Patch Very Slow

    Is the slowing all the time or not ? There is an identified bug that has been posted already about stones having weird "flashy" textures that are FPS sinkhole.
  6. I remember it happened a lot in older versions but i don't think i had it in .23 ...
  7. Upgrade Button Does not Work

    Someone said in discord creator mode is lacking some features because they have been working hard fixing pathfinding and AI bugs.
  8. [V.23]Nuggets AI getting stuck at some point.

    So i got it on record last night. You can see it happening 2 times, first time : All nuggets where stuck, i use telekinesis on the gravedigger and they all start moving again. It happened a second time at 3h14min30secs. Please note that the tombstones that makes the gravedigger stuck (and all the other nuggets) are also the tombstones with "weird textures" that makes frames drop by A LOT when i go over the graveyard.
  9. Hi, So after a couple of games i noticed the same behaviour happening with the Nuggets AI. At some point, sooner or later, ALL of the nuggets will stop moving, stop doing anything, and will die from dehydratation or stavation. At first i thought it was related to the upgrades, but looks like it's not : someone told on discord that you could "unlock" them for a while by killing some nuggets, so i tried that. I have no images as i wasnt recording, but the one who was bugged for me was the cemetery man : He was apparently stuck doing a tombstone. IDK if it(s a repeatable process but if it does happen i'll try immediatly at that guy to see if it's always the same one getting stuck or not. DxDiag.txt output_log.zip
  10. El Pacino bug = fps sink cemetery ghosts

    This is not related to ghosts. As Dullness and myself talked over it on discord, we managed to find that for both of us, the texture that was making it a FPS sink was a white strange thing on rocks. For Dullness it appeared on random rocks in the wild, for me it appeared on tobstones rocks.
  11. My nuggets were reproducting like rabbits.

    My nuggets were reproducting like rabbits. no, i really mean it. Look at the screenshot i took. I had 5028 kids. I mean i'm not even sure how i could handle one, so 5028 of them ? I loaded the game (it was saved from yesterday) and after a couple minutes number of kids went from 3 to maybe 12 to 2K, then 3K, then 5028 and crashed. Games was laggy as hell (on the screenshot i had 4 fps, average 6) and i guess my save is fucked up.

    It's not that they don't work slow; they don't work at all. After one transformation from regula wood/stone to refined, nuggets are bugged.