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  1. Children of the Corn

    I have this problem to, I get to a certain point and doing good but then a few of the nuggets will just stand there or twitch in place, while the others who are still working properly will work themselves to death. Even if there is no other buildings needing to be built, a few nuggets will just continue to work to death and mate to death even though says they are hungry, thirsty or both and even injured. So between standing/twitching in place or just ignoring themselves and working to death is a problem unless there is a way to fix it all, but before all of that the nuggets work properly
  2. Archived - Nugget Desires FUBAR

    I sort of have this problem to but for me the nuggets they could be starving and thirsty or both but instead of going to eat they just keep on collecting resources and going home to mate with their spouse. Then a whole bunch of them die because instead of going to get food or water they just work themselves to death and neglect to eat or drink, to bad you the player their deity can't intervene somehow and make them stop what they are currently doing of working themselves to death to go eat or drink. Just isn't eating food or drinking either, I have seen my nuggets get a injury but just like the nuggets not eating and drinking the nuggets that don't go to the hospital when its there to get looked at they just keep on working when they are injured