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  1. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    Yes please tell us how to see traits
  2. Lizard Candy

    Update. Got a new start. Had 32 pop, had 8 food and plenty of water 180 water used water 107, i think). Had to save and go do family stuff. Reloaded the game in under 10 min my population crashed due to nuggets dying in hunger in mass. Pop dropped to 19, crops withered due to no water?!?!? Gravedigger didnt pick up any corpses. Happiness crashed, then the game keeps locking up. I tried restarting the save twice and the same thing happened both times. Will try and start another new adventure in Wierd Nugget Death LOL
  3. Lizard Candy

    Lizard Candy 1. Ok if you Upgrade a structure nuggets go on walkabout. They take off like they are gathering resources but just keep going. Also if they die they are still shown as a supporter of the upgrading structure. 2. Cemetery still not working. Bodies still not being collected disease running rampant. How about having the families gather the bodies and take them to the cemetery rather than waiting on the gravedigger. 3. Still cant get a dead uncollected nugget out of buildings. 4. God Powers very finicky to get it to work. 5. Is it intended that we loose total access to upgrading structures as ttrying to upgrade my hospital got all my nuggets wiped out from disease from all the rotting corpses and no hospital....
  4. Zombies...

    Yeah I have had that as well as them dying in buildings and being unmovable. Took me forever to find out where the disease was in one game, as it was inside the eatery. Everyone who went in got sick and roof was hiding the body.
  5. I am away but its on my laptop I intend to try it out tonite and will let you know.
  6. Thank you I will try that I kept having the UI pop up so that explains it.
  7. game comes to an impassable wall

    I have taken to splatting mine on top of a Mountain far away. I named it Splat Rock.
  8. The rattlesnake sound

    I did see whales in the Demo. They don't appear in the current version I have either, or Mammoths for that matter.
  9. God Powers still not working??? Ok I am new but I followed the instructions to try out my God powers fixing a building. I went to menu selected the power then (left)ctrl and right mouse click nothing happens. Thought ok it must need to be broken worse before I am allowed to heal the stone hut. Well it finally collapsed, not a big deal but what am I doing wrong? Also doesn't the world seem a bit small for the size of the buildings we are putting up. The scale feels wayyyy off.