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  1. Save Games won't load

    Saved games from older versions do not work from one big patch to the other at the moment. Too much is changing. Think of the graveyard and pyre merging and behind the scenes changes that affect gameplay.
  2. I noticed that too. the Update System seems to be broken even if you have enough refined materials, building gets destroyed and rebuilt without an upgrade.
  3. Pumpkin patch tech percentage bonus bug.

    At the moment there is no other twin bonus in the game. so by researching this bonus you have a 50/50 twin possibility. let's say 60/40 if the possibility was 10 % without the bonus. So no bug...
  4. Patch Notes: CHUPACABRA

    Thank you. This patch is the most awesome so far. Regarding the godly powers and disasters and bunkers.... A "Bunker" System seems a bit ungodly in my opinion. At least in the early stages of the game. Now that we have the beautyful faith tower - this seems like the place to be when a disaster is approaching. if you have faith, god will protect you. why shouldn't nuggets search for shelter there? The corresponding god power could be shield of faith which consumes faith over time to protect your nuggets from every disaster. you as god could decide if you fullfill the wish for shelter or simply ignore it and let your poor nuggets die while they search for shelter near your faith shrine.
  5. Youtube - Streams and Videos (German)

    Viel Erfolg wünsche ich dir. Aber wirklich viel gibt es ja nicht zu zeigen wenn du schon mal den Inhalt des jeweiligen Patches komplett durchgespielt und gezeigt hast als Video. Etwas immer wieder zu wiederholen macht es leider nicht interessanter. "Eine neue Ära" in Kombination mit dem Artwork der Stadt ist dann auch etwas irreführend, da du diese natürlich nicht bauen kannst zu diesem Zeitpunkt der Entwicklung des Spiels. Teilweise wirkst du beim kommentieren des Geschehens selbst etwas gelangweilt (ich hab nicht jedes video durchgeschaut sondern nur quer durchgeklickt)... Nur als kleiner Video Tipp am Rande. Wenn du selbst beim aufzeichnen oder abspielen eines Videos Langeweile empfindest oder es so wirkt, wird es auch bei den meisten Zuschauern diesen Effekt erzeugen. Das ist aber ein natürliches Problem beim erstellen von Videos für Spiele, die noch nicht fertig sind. Du kannst natürlich irgendwann nur noch wiederholen und hast auch keine Ahnung mehr was du neues zu bereits gezeigtem erzählen sollst. Lieber weniger Videos sobald neue Inhalte zur Verfügung stehen, statt dich selbst immer zu wiederholen. Sonst endest du wie "How I Met Your Mother" auf Pro Sieben im Nachmittagsprogramm. Es läuft aber keiner interessiert sich wirklich dafür. :-) Ich würde dir raten - Mach jeweils eine Playlist mit kürzeren Videos 10-15 Minuten zu einem Patch Level und spiele so lang bis du den Patch Inhalt ausgereizt hast. Dann schließe die Playlist und beginne bei dem nächsten Patch eine neue. Das hört sich jetzt vielleicht böse oder sehr hart als Kritik an, ist aber definitiv nicht so gemeint. Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall viel Erfolg.
  6. Seasons and so many questions.

    Buildings can be "healed" or repaired with a power. click trough the powers.... only one category has a power.... activate it by clicking on it. if you hold down ctrl key and klick on a building several times - you repair or "heal" it.
  7. Seasons and so many questions.

    1. Build a Forecast tower and send a nugget there to have an overview of the following seasons and the season progress. 2. Yeah if you move black and white style like i do (ground grabbing or klicking) it's sometimes hard to not accidential pick up a nugget. that should be solved later during fine tuning. 3. no not yet as far as i know. no window. 4. no that was black and white. there is no option of god helping with resouces yet. you only can pick up trees/rocks and throw them somewhere... no real benefit. and for your sake... don't ry to throw rocks into your buildings... as long you're a good god.... but i think those powers will be included later. i hope so... I hope i could answer some questions. :-) Regarding your picture... Sims 4 right? ^^
  8. New update^^

    Kein Problem, aber darf ich dir noch eine Verbesserung vorschlagen? ^^ When we should get... Würde übersetzt bedeuten: Wann/Wenn wir bekommen sollten" Also besser wäre dann: When can we expect a new Patch for The Universim? Und die Antwort darauf wäre dann laut meiner persönlichen Erfahrung... Die nächsten Tage. :-)
  9. New update^^

    Ich hoffe mal wir werden überhaupt kein Patch, sondern bekommen einen. become ist nicht bekommen sondern werden. ;-) I hope we don't become a Patch instead we should get one. become does sound similar to the german "bekommen" which translation is get in german. because of the similarity many people confound the words become and get if their native language is german. *sings* "Cause tonight is the night when 2 become 1"
  10. nugget numbers

    Hello Cannisbustion and thank you for your support. This is a known issue due to pressing ESC in the game. Please follow this format for further bug reports: Version of the current build: (V.0.0.13) Operating System: (Windows/XP/Vista/7/10/etc | Linux/RedHat/Solaris/etc | MAC) Brief BUG/Glitch Description: Incorrect Nugget Numbers in the UI Priority Level: (Low, Medium, High) High is game breaking, medium causes errors with AI, Low is a visual error you can use forum Tag for this . How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): (Stabbed Nuggets with a lightsaber, game crashed!) The more details you provide on this one, the easier it will be for us and the team to understand the issue and reproduce it, so don't worry if it's lengthy. Module: (Visual, AI, Text, Mechanics) For instance, nuggets not building a well that has been placed on the ground would be "AI" you can use Forum Tag for this one too
  11. Pretty Anoying

    You should be aware that Savegames could be broken from one update to the next. Therefore, it makes no sense to prepare something for the next update because the savegame can be incompatible when features are added or removed. It's always better to start with a new, clear game if a new update arrives until the game is feature complete and free of bugs. The save functionality is only a good way to save your progress between update cycles.
  12. Song which's title fits to the game :D

    Uh great idea. I think I'll join with Dune - Million Miles From Home
  13. Evolution Towers doubt

    They are planned to be built randomly by nuggets. Like the stone huts at the moment. So no, they'll be placed randomly in your main influence area... like stone huts....
  14. They had a hard time. They had so many injuries last decade... Would you reproduce in such a hard and dangerous world? ;-) They need to regain faith in their god... But god can't help at the moment. God can of course make things worse and throw rocks on them... But that only confirms the statement. Why should nuggets reproduce like rabbits in a dangerous world... with a god without powers? Once god has more might, they start to reproduce again. I'm sure. ^^
  15. Prioritize button does not work

    I simply do not know. But I don't think the god power will disappear.