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  1. no babies

    I dit it but no babies...
  2. I upgraded a farm but it disappeared when it was finished
  3. No babies after 18 nuggets...
  4. Not Reproducing

    civilization's age : 42 and I have only 12 nuggets, no baby since a long time... I used Cupidon...
  5. When I accelerate the game it freezes and crashes (x2) I was at the beginning of the game
  6. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    ok I see it now thank you !
  7. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    Sorry I don't see it, where exactly please ?
  8. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    I don't know how to see nugget's traits, please tell me ! Thank you
  9. Patch 18: Lizard Candy - My Feedback

    We need contraceptif pilule, nuggets are like rabbits... We need a break !
  10. Patch Notes: Lizard Candy