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  1. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    Good to see the game getting patched regularly.
  2. Patch Notes: V17 'Archived'

    Congratulations on getting save into the game. Not sure about needing to have a building to do an out of game function, but the auto save sounds like my preferred option.
  3. Patch Notes: V0.0.16 Nugget Juice

    No, and I'm not having another go until it is implemented. On another matter, given the rate of progress, am I able to bequeath my KickStarter pledger rights?
  4. Patch Notes: V0.0.16 Nugget Juice

    Again, looks nice, but load and save being still not possible is starting to look strange.
  5. Patch Notes: V0.0.15 Windy

    Looks good, but still no save?
  6. Abandonware?

    We need to be very patient if the present rate of progress is any indicator.
  7. And We're BACK!

    So after this update, the devs are going to high gear again. Hmmm
  8. Prometheus In-Game Engine Update

    It could be that you've kept your backers at arms length for so long that most have lost interest and gone elsewhere.
  9. I was thinking....about Graveyards?

    Ghostbuster nuggets?
  10. When is the game gonna be fully released?

    It's going to be a while yet.
  11. Universim Tweets (Last post is most recent)

    Can't get more mid-month than that, good news!
  12. Just bought a new computer for this

    I'd suggest that if this game takes three years, then newer shinier games may cause people to lose interest. That's why the time scale is important. Now as to whether it will take three years, previous experience tends to suggest that Crytivo's estimate are on the, err ... conservative side. They don't slip, they career. It may be that the hard graft on the engine has now been done and the content will come thick and fast. I don't know, but I wonder if Crytivo do either.
  13. Weekly updated expected 23/10?

    Could re-title thread as 'fortnightly updates' then?
  14. Perhaps time was lost to 'ass' re-attachment?
  15. According to the KickStarter we should be looking forward to the release of Universim this month. Before everyone leaps in with 'all KS projects slip' type comments, consider that instead of being on the last step in the process, we still haven't taken the first. I find that worrying.