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  1. So after this update, the devs are going to high gear again. Hmmm
  2. It could be that you've kept your backers at arms length for so long that most have lost interest and gone elsewhere.
  3. Ghostbuster nuggets?
  4. It's going to be a while yet.
  5. Can't get more mid-month than that, good news!
  6. I'd suggest that if this game takes three years, then newer shinier games may cause people to lose interest. That's why the time scale is important. Now as to whether it will take three years, previous experience tends to suggest that Crytivo's estimate are on the, err ... conservative side. They don't slip, they career. It may be that the hard graft on the engine has now been done and the content will come thick and fast. I don't know, but I wonder if Crytivo do either.
  7. Could re-title thread as 'fortnightly updates' then?
  8. Perhaps time was lost to 'ass' re-attachment?
  9. According to the KickStarter we should be looking forward to the release of Universim this month. Before everyone leaps in with 'all KS projects slip' type comments, consider that instead of being on the last step in the process, we still haven't taken the first. I find that worrying.
  10. I think Crytivo has more pressing problems than what happens after the space age.
  11. I found the stream to be an allegory for the company. Well-intentioned, chaotic, ill-prepared and flawed in operation. Indie is not an excuse for unprofessionalism.
  12. I'm sure it's very obvious, but I can't find the time for the live stream. Could someone enlighten me please?
  13. And presumably OSX users just have to carry on waiting?
  14. I'd like to get access to The Universim Press Copy of the game please. Even more I'd like to get access to my backer copy of the game.
  15. The thing is though where do backers get their expectations from? They get them from dates that are provided by ....... Crytivo. The estimated delivery date on the KickStarter is October 2015. Clearly, that is not a little out, it is going to be a considerable amount out. It hasn't slipped, it's gone tobogganing. Until recently, the web site was blasting the message out that now is the time to invest in UniverSim if you want access to the pre- alpha on 15 September. If you're surprised that supporters don't seem to realise that schedules are bound to slip, I'm surprised when you appear bewildered that supporters are not happy when you miss the dates that you, yourself, set. My impression is that backers have been very patient, but Crytivo have tried their patience to the point where doubts begin to creep in. The solution? The demo certainly helped me to see that the devs are on the right track, I imagine the pre-alpha will settle everyone down nicely. It's got to the stage where actions (or inactions) speak louder than words.