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  1. Random floating nuggets

    This has happened to me very often too with november's patch... I really hope it's fixed with the new one.
  2. Chupacabra feedback Hi everyone. Finally I have the opportunity to try deeply this new patch. So here it comes my opinions, constructive critics or ideas about the patch. I´m aware most of them have been already reported or discused, but I will speak about them anyway: What I like - All the school thing. It's obvius there are some works that need a better education than others. Maybe it would be nice that the game makes you have some percentage of the population educated to keep going over the eras. This is just a simple idea, but I think education should be used at some point for getting new researchs perks (or these perks could be better the more amount of educated population you have). So, good idea and from my opinion it could be a deeper system. - All the news god's powers. Yeah, we obviously needed this powers for being a god but, anyway, I like how they are implemented in general and the fact that nuggets react to them. - Finally we have enough water. What should be improved I won´t say anything about nugget's pathes , cemeteries and nugget reproduction because it's not new and there is an entire post for them. But: - They are getting stucked more often than before. Whenever I get 25-30 nuggets it becomes impossible to play because everyone starts to get stucked. I know this happened before, but I'm having this problem after just 30-40 minutes of gameplay and with other patches I was capable of playing much more. - The way they build their buildings (stone huts and Prayer Enclave). Of course, this is not new neither. But now is worse with the prayer enclave because maybe I'm not pretty lucky but they have built it at the worst place in all my city every game. I mean, if they wanted to built it at the worst place in porpouse I'm pretty sure they will do it better than now. Stone huts are better placed now in general, although sometimes they are placed over a rock and make you lose that resource. - Nuggets list. For what I know this will be improved soon, but now that we have educated and non-educated nuggets we need something to distinguish them when you are going to choose a nugget for a job. - There are still not GUIs elements for how much refined materials you need to built a builging when you improve them. I cannot speak about pre-medieval era and how the refineries are working now because it's been impossible for me to get there with a normal and stable civilization. In general the game is evolving and improving a lot every month, and we are pretty sure you are working hard in all those issues that are every day a bit better. So keep it up and great work again!
  3. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    I really like this idea, although if we want to see it I suppose we will have to wait until they make the genealogic tree at least.
  4. Everyone is getting stuck

    Yeah, for I've experienced there are two kinds of stucks: 1- For no apparent reason, and my way usually fix it. 2- For a building. This is really typical with engineers: they get stucked trying to fix a building, you un-stucked them but they come back to finish their work and it starts all over again. I really hope they get to fix the stuck thinh in general, it's probably the worst bug right now.
  5. Everyone is getting stuck

    Sometime I've found useful to pick them up and trowh them back (as soft as you can or they will be injured or killed). This usally un-stucked them and you don't lose your built resources.
  6. Quest Question

    I found it in the list... or at least a nugget who had same name (I'm not sure it was the same nugget, because I found an adult, not a child). Anyway, I take him back to his stone hut (it was marked with a red circle) and they gave me the mission as completed. You can use your telekinesis power to move nuggets and object. Just select it from the power menu and press ctrl + right click on the nugget.
  7. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Cemeteries From my opinion, there are several ideas that maybe don't fix it all, but can help to improve the experience: 1_ Why has the gravedigger to carry all the bodies? Maybe in a more advanced society we are used to it, but I don't see the problem with a random nugget (the one who find the body, maybe?) carrying the body till the cemetery in the stone age (this could give you more time to think until we get new eras). They could just leave the body on the cemeterie's door. 2_ If the body is ridicously far from the village (and this happens relatively a lot), why shouls any one carry it? Let the body descompose, or maybe be the meal for an animal (those famous wolfs from the GodMail for example ). 3_ We need more space on them. I think here we would have two possible solutions: properly speaking more space and places being replaced after some time. On the other hanh, coul be cool having nuggets from stone age after hundred of years, maybe you should let everyone choose if they want to replace them or not. But I'm pretty sure we need more space on them. Pyre I see no possible recomendation with the way the pyre works... because I have never seen it working. Maybe we could give our own ideas about how it should work, but in general I like what you propose so I will just wait you to fix it before I give my feedback. Nugget reproduction/population Well, I really like the idea of matchmaking but I don't think it should be the principal mechanic. Maybe I still haven't get used to this patch, but I'm finding growing a population larger than 20 pretty dificult, as nuggets don't want to reproduce until I matchmake them. What I'm trying to say is that it's a really nice power but maybe should be used at just some points and your population shouldn't depend on it. In a worked-serious genetic system, a couple changes or conducted reproduction can change everything a lot, so this power should be capable to improve the experience without having to be used too much, just puntually. In conclusion, I like the idea of having some control over the population but I don't think it should depend too much on you.
  8. Quest Question

    Try looking in the nugget's list. They will tell you the name of the nugget you need to find, so you just have to click on it in that list.
  9. God Game... Or Strategy Game?

    I think now I know what you are talking about, I missunderstand you before, my apologies. What you are saying here is very interesting and, in general, is true. It is not just that this is a god game but they specifically sell some of these features at their web site as you said. But to be fair, as @hymn said, this is just an alpha. For what we can see in their road-map and for what they are letting us see (on news or social media), it seems now is when we start knowing a bit more about god's mechanics or improved AI, so lets wait to see what they have prepared for us. I reckon your 3 points were pretty interesting, and I'm pretty sure we are all here expecting some kind of way in which nuggets comunicate with us and some independence. It's difficult to now how much independent they must be and I'm not sure those 3 points (exactly as you described them) are a condition for a good god game (I mean, maybe being a God it's like having a bunch of pushover people and we are all predestined because of it. As I'm not a God, I cannot tell you). And even more, I don't think it's possible to make such an advanced AI even for a much larger team at this moment. At the end my point is that from my opinion, making a god game is not something close to some rules because everyone will have a differente perspectives about what being a god mean and how that can be shaped in the game. At least we will see for sure a new perspective from crytivo games pretty soon and, as far as it's funny to play, I will be happy to be part of this comunity.
  10. Things that I think need help

    1. Water has been an issue for a while, but it seems to be a known issue so they must be working on it. 2. Never have been in that situation. Normally, with 50 nuggets 3 or 4 engineering buildings are more than enough. A bug, maybe? 3. I have never seen funeral pyres working properly, so I suppose it's completely normal. I suppose it's something they are working on too. Answer: fisrts of every month. Here you can see exact dates for every patch: https://theuniversim.com/news
  11. God Game... Or Strategy Game?

    There are a lot of mechanics from the God system which are not implemented yet. For what devs have said, we can expect some of them pretty soon. Anyway I suposse this is subjective: personally speaking, why would I want to play a game in which almost everything is done by itself? I like the idea of being a god and how that could be implemented on the game, but I find really funny building and organizing my own civilization too.
  12. A Bug Report Form

    I think they should do something like this not just on the web, but in the game too. I mean, I know there is a bug report window in the game, but if they add more text fields it would be easier for us and probably for them.
  13. I think I broke my game?

    I have seen on my own all you are saying, and for what I've read over here it's something common, so don't worry. Creator mode was implemented just 2 weeks ago and they already said they were expecting some unbalance and bugs, so it needs to be improved yet. I'm pretty sure it will be more stable with next updates.
  14. I Won the Game

    After some weeks-months playing this game you will probably get further. NO doubts there are some bugs and unbalanced problems, but you need to get used to it though. For example a first I thought my farms were bugged, but once I learnt how to planify them and how they work I have never had problems with meal again. So keep playing and keep trying new ways to play and you will see at this moment you can get a really nice and "long" game
  15. Ideas for October 2017 update

    For what I know, it seems they are aware of the water problem. Anyway, they are all great ideas, I think it's a great way to make this world more realistic, more "alive". In my opinion, the rate: use of resources/time for recovering of any material/resource should not be a problem during the prehistoric age. This issue make the game really unbalanced and after a two hours session you have no resources nearby and you are almost out of lakes and seas.