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  1. Some tips on playing the game

    Glad you guys find it helpful. =)
  2. Some tips on playing the game I've been playing this game for sometime and would like to share some knowledge I've learned from playing this game in alpha stage. Please let me know if there's any incorrect information provided here so I can correct them. This is written during Lizard Candy update: To developers: Please check the tips here as well. Lots of the tips are actually us trying to workaround the bugs and issues of the game at the moment. There are some game design issue as well. Please do not lead the game towards a micromanagement game. This is an awesome game but it worries me that the game requires so much micromanagement already even at stone age, feel like a city building game instead of a "god game". Don't clog your buildings, instead spread in building them. Sometime the nuggets will have some path finding problem and stuck between buildings. Don't build anything on a shore that are too steep. There's a chance that the nuggets will place excessive resources on the shore that is treated as land when they put it but those resource bundle cannot be picked up later,probably because the shore is then treated as ocean when the nuggets try to pick those resources up for other buildings. This will cause lots of nuggets to try to pick that resource up and they all get stuck there due to some kind of deadlock, ends up with the death (thirst /hunger/ depression) of the nugget if you don't relocate the nugget. You cannot generate any food during winter (as of this update), so make sure to stockpile food before winter. The amount of food you will need for your civilization to endure through the winter will differ due to the game has dynamic length of a season. I feel comfortable when I have food (raw + prepared dishes) of this ratio: 1 nugget = 0.25 food per season block. So if I have 10 nuggets and the winter is 3 bars , I will want to have at least 10 foods (0.25 x 3 x 10) stockpiled before the winter starts. I follow ratio of 15 nuggets for 1 local business. You don't need an engineer until your nugget population grow beyond 30. Use your god power to repair the buildings( It's freee now!! ) Don't assign nuggets into buildings that aren't crucial at the moment.For eg.: engineers are not needed early game, you don't need 2 nuggets for the engineer hut (add more later if needed), forecast tower can stay empty after you've got the year's season meter read. More labours = faster resource gathering = faster building. Winter is building + resource gathering time! Unassign fishermen from fishing piers that don't have raw fish to gut during winter and deactivate the pier. Unassign farmers from farm that dont have crops planted, and then deactivate the farm. Freeing up nuggets for labour until it's spring again. crops dont grow in winter, and no fishing during winter anyway. Don't research tier 2 primary technologies until you are ready. Reason 1: All the tier 2 buildings uses refined material to build, and when you upgrade your building, the building will be shutdown for upgrade and there is no way to undo it. The wood and stone refinery buildings WILL NOT produce anything unless there's a demand for them. This means you cannot stockpile refined materials prior to upgrades causing an expected period where the building you are upgrading will be unavailable during the upgrade.Reason 2: new buildings will be of tier 2 when you place them. Meaning you cannot build new building ( of those you've researched tier 2 ) if you don't have refined material. For eg: you researched an eatery upgrade, you own only 1 eatery. After the research is finished, all the eatery you try to build will be tier 2, there's no option for you to choose to build tier 1 or 2. The game doesn't has key-mapping setting at the moment, but you can rotate your building using "q" and "e" before putting them down. strategically position the entrance of the building will save some walking time. Don't toss your deceased nuggets to far far far away. Why? Because your gravediggers WILL go for this corpse in this new update. XD. put those corpse near to the cemetery if you think your gravedigger will not be in time to pick up the corpse before it become contagious. DON'T toss it away. Direct your civilization by placement of buildings. The only building in the game that you have no control over is: stone huts. New stone huts will always be built with a gap in between buildings, and the gap length is around a stone hut's length. So use this as advantage and spread your civilization outward. Spreading of civilization is crucial for survival. Why? Reason 1: Because the water and fish supplies will deplete. You will need your civilization to spread and connect to another water source for the survival of your civilization. Reason 2: Because you want your nuggets' home closer to his/her workplace to reduce the walking time and have more output(duhhhh). You don't want to leave a lot of space for huts at the center because it will take a while for the nuggets to build their home outward. Restaurant: nugget population = 1:20, Engineer:nugget population = 1:20 Always build 1 or 2 extra water pumps AND disable them. Activate them only when your consumption of water is more than the production of water. This act as an buffer for miscalculation and sudden spike of water usage (for eg from winter to spring, when your farmers starts to plant crops again. The spike will be huge if you own a lot of farms and chooses crops that requires a lot of water to grow, especially if you built new farms in the winter, you will not notice the change until its spring). Sudden rise of water usage can cause drought if you do not have enough reservoir as backup.It is very hard to get back to track if this happens, which can cause the extinction of your nuggets: out of water ->building stops working -> chaos -> death Plan your expansion route on the planet when you place your start point. Choose places that has: desert/mountain for herbs, lots of small stones ,at least 2 lakes surrounding. Don't choose huge plains that has nothing as starting point because your worker will walk very far away to gather building resources. Always look for red symbols when you observe your civilization. This is to detect if the nuggets are stuck. Sometimes the game will instruct the nugget to do multiple things at the same time causing the nugget to have action rotating between 2-3 different different ones leading to the nugget doing nothing and at the end die on the spot. pick the nugget up and drop him on the ground to reset the action list will do the trick for now. Always try to assign the nuggets to buildings that are close to their home. I do this by manually checking the nearest hut occupants name and assign them into the building near to them. Every "town" should have :restaurant, engineer, well, local business. The cooks will gather food from fishing pier and farms, so building the restaurant near to these building will shorten the time for the cook to gather resource for cooking. Enjoy =)
  3. Bodies all over the place

    You can click on the deceased name from the news notification, and the camera will pan to the location of the body.
  4. crash report lizard candy update

    New game crash reports: Crash report for lizard candy update Consistency - Very consistent Game info: Highest population: 72 lowest population before game crashes at fastest game speed: 36 lowest population before game crashes at lowest game speed: 21 Files attached: A save game file that will cause the game to crash soon. 2 crash reports from the same save file (fastest game speed and lowest game speed) Steps to reproduce - scenario 1: load the saved game. Game speed setting: fastest. Nugget famine + infections (due to corpses are lying around) and deaths. population drops at fast speed. Crash. Scenario 2: load the saved game. Game speed setting: slowest. Nugget famine + infections (due to corpses are lying around) and deaths. population drops at moderate speed. the game endured longer. It crashes when the notification: "nuggets are dead but were not replaced" starts to appear. 2017-08-04_192346.zip 2017-08-04_192704.zip EddieNew3.zip
  5. crash report lizard candy update Consistency - I think it is quite consistent. Steps to reproduce - nuggets population over 65 starting winter with 0 food. Then famine starts during winter. Nuggets endure the winter, sandstorm hits the civilization starting of following spring. Speedy population drop due to sandstorm and famine. Population drops to 40. Lots of notification stacks up. Crash. 2017-08-03_194442.zip 2017-08-03_190434.zip 2017-08-03_173848.zip