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  1. Since I first began playing with this wonderful game, I have puzzled over the separation of work and home in the neolithic era. Farmers not living on their farms was the most surprising one to me, immediately followed by hungry farmers. Farmers don’t go hungry unless it is a famine or unless they are serfs giving up their produce to a landlord. Prior to the industrial revolution, it was quite common to live in a home above your place of employment, assuming that you owned it. In some areas and eras employees that weren’t your family were allowed to live there as well and later to rent rooms from you. In my parents’ generation, there was still “company housing” provided for higher level mining workers (my mother spent some of her childhood in such housing). In some areas (such as where I grew up), even as recently as the late 1970’s “going to town” was a big event for a rural farming family. Just some food for thought to help eliminate an artificial commute from eras were such a thing didn't exist.
  2. EDIT: Disregard this one. I didn't notice that the hospital now requires refined lumber My error. Overwhaleming Nuggets Wont Build "Hospital" & Other Bugs I have aborted and placed it numerous times and even after a full summer-winter-summer cycle they wouldn't touch it. Just walked past it. As others have reported, nuggets will end up blocking something and get stuck, thus causing other nuggets to get stuck trying to reach the location. My most recent observation of this was trying to access the food at the storage area. The old trick of picking them up and dropping them elsewhere didn't always work or if it did, it was only after a significant delay.
  3. Some tips on playing the game

    This was very helpful! Thank you. I was following it, except I let point 8 slip my mind. My error thus cost me to lose my entire civilization because of not being able to make new water pumps and emptying my water sources.