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  1. Hopefully there is a fix for this and is being tested
  2. School Animation bug

    ye its a bug but cosmetic so not as important but it is getting looked into. thx
  3. Research bugged

    Thank you for getting back to us. Your information has been passed on.
  4. Research bugged

    We need more information on this if possible. Also can you please check again as my of been sorted already and any information like op system etc and how to reproduce so we can find the error please.
  5. Upgrading problem [V 0.22]

    Thank you its now a know issue and is being looked at.
  6. Research bugged

    Its being looked into
  7. Were prioritise is concerned it does work but nuggets must finish there present task first. Or you will get half finished building and wood/stone all over the place. and hopefully a lot of the issues were sorted out in test squad patch. Please feel free to let us know any issues you are still getting
  8. School Animation bug

    Looks like there beating each other with trees well done a known issue, looks like they grow with time Just think how big they would be in modern era lol
  9. [.22 Bug] Villagers stuck in Mating status

    A very rare bug this one but a know issue. it appears that if a nugget is trying to sleep and gets a mating request it bugs.
  10. Can't place another water pump

    Now a known issue. its related to the saved game and were looking for that nasty critter with haste
  11. Thanks for all your input. Its now a known issue and were looking into it asap
  12. Bug - Nugget wandering until death

    "NEED INPUT" If you could possibly let us know what operating system you are using and any possible way to reproduce would be greatly appreciated. Like are the nuggets stuck on the path in shock and awe etc
  13. Upgraded Buildings disappearing

    it appears the building may be dropping underground on upgrade and nuggets cant get to the building It's known issue and hopefully will be sorted soon
  14. This apparently happens because roads are not cleared fast enough some times, had the same issue with trees but you can remove them.
  15. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    HI all How about a prioritize button on the pyres so they deliver wood faster. This would of course slow down building as they would have to make sure pyre is full before building anything and delivery to the wood refinery.