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  1. Next Era ?

    I thought it goes, Stone, Bronze, Iron, Industrial, Space!! I think MediEvil is in the Iron Age!!
  2. What I think should be in the next update

    I loved B&W2 Too! <3
  3. What I think should be in the next update

    Extra Thought...... How about SPORT, Football, Golf, Archery
  4. What I think should be in the next update

    Oh, yeah a subedit to the above, can we have Pottery, researched and added, this could be mixed with straw, to create a form of insulation and pots, plates bowls that are much lighter than the Stone ones!! That is all for now.......
  5. What I think should be in the next update

    Can we possibly get a NEW ERA, the one that comes after the "Stone Age" is it the "Bronze Age"? New tools, research large monument buildings, research "Iron Age" parts, but not enough to get there in the first 10 years of the "Bronze Age" In the "Bronze Age" you could introduce better Homes, Businesses and an Outdoor Market once a Week! (These would have to be researched first obviously) This age, would also be a perfect age to start to HUNT and domesticate Animals to help the Nuggets. Introduce Camels, Horses, Super Strong Field Mice!!! With sharp teeth! Research Rope, Gears and Levers. I would love to see a sniff of "Stargazing" added to this age like a Telescope so the nuggets could gaze at the stars and ponder their future!! Scott, North QLD. Au
  6. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Just thinking, about the situation with dead Nuggets. Maybe we could have the creator drop of zone. Also could gravestone be used after 5 years as crop fertiliser? Freeing up the plot once more. I have found that the newer versions of alpha 19,20 the Nuggets do not breed as well and before long your smaller community is sad because they are overworked. The fishermen / fisher woman needs to change back to a labour during winter. Noticed that even running the game at full speed things do not generally get built 😒 As for stability issues I have found saving at 10 minute intervals works. Can we get a research for whaling, ie. food, oil, leather. Hunting the Deer and Birds, would help the Nuggets diversifying their diets. Game works well under a Windows 10 platform and had no recent crashes, however, I do have 32GB of RAM in my gaming laptop. Cheers, Scott North Queensland, Australia
  7. Can we get some Aussie Animals?? Hi, Just wondering if we could get some Australian Animal content on some random worlds. I am thinking Emu, Kangaroo, Wombat, Bilby, Tasmanian Tiger and Echidna? Or even a Black (red tailed) Cockatoo and a handful of Australian Deadly Snakes, Inland Taipan, Red Bellied Black, Tiger, Death Adder! These could bite the Nuggets, requiring hospitalisation for a few days or they could die if the CREATOR ignores them!! I am sure I can think up more stuff later! I am a Children's Author and story teller! Enjoy!!