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  1. Patch Notes: Pumpkin Patch

    Awesome job! It's great to see you guys mixing it up. I am always excited to see an email about an update. Best dev team ever. p.s. (Don't forget to take breaks. Seen a lot of developers in the news talking about the "crunch" lately)
  2. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Hey there! Other areas of the game that need updates/tweaks are what are causing these 2 structures to be under scrutiny. (floating dead bodies you cannot pick up called "Half-Raptured", unable to access a body inside a certain building) Cemetery: Always my favorite way to get rid of bodies. I always build 2. Fill the first one up, destroy it and then swap the gravedigger (speed trait) to the other one. I use the cemeteries to "bottleneck" an area to prevent nuggets from going behind them, and place all dead bodies that can be picked up behind them so only the gravedigger has a reason to go back there. (Pic attached) Allow for upgrading to increase capacity Institute a 5 minute dissipation timer for tombstones Pyre: Nope, just get rid of it. I'm sure our nuggets won't mind Heaven over Valhalla. Simplify the use of this building. Add a "dead body" count to the small panel, the amount of wood consumed will be equal to the total number of bodies to burn. 10 wood/per, 1 min/per body Get rid of the random flame buttons and the fire circle in the middle and replace it with "Press to burn" Once you press the "Burn these Fools" button, your workers will then move wood to the pyre based on the dead bodies. I don't want my workers putting wood inside/outside the pyre when it's not currently cooking. All of this doesn't matter if the floating dead bodies and "Stockholm Bodies" stuck inside buildings are not dealt with. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cupid: By far my favorite update and allows me to fill houses that would otherwise go empty Started Chupacabra play #2 (Chup2) and got to 40 people, dropped to 17 because I always run an older workforce and "Force mated" remaining skilled nuggets in the now "empty" houses and jumped back to 54 nuggets before "Half-Raptured" nuggets caused too much disease. It would be easier to find potential mating partners if we could see their "special" trait on the nugget overview panel. I find it hard to bounce around nugget to nugget trying to find someone I want to make a stud for their positive trait. Will be posting a Chupacabra survival guide soon!
  3. That's a big pencil

    I guess that nugget wanted to "Crush" his/her final exam.
  4. That's a big pencil The school likes to produce these obelisk pencils and they roll all over the place.
  5. Farm Upgrade

    It's usually best to not research the next tier of buildings (T2) until you have 1 or 2 Stone Masons or Wood Cutters to produce those materials. With the new update, you may only need one of each. I stop researching after unlocking the Masons/Woodcutters and just T2 farms, then give them time to stockpile the resources, and only during winter I will upgrade 1 farm at a time.
  6. Patch Notes: Overwhaleming

    Thanks for the email on this update! Really looking forward to starting a new civilization and seeing how far I get. Got 98 on the last one, gonna try for 120! It might take some time seeing as I will be culling negative traits. lol. Did the construction hut get a tweak?
  7. Survival Tips

    Gotta have enough Local Businesses to keep them happy. If they are stuck in place, pick them up and place them next to one. The buildings falling apart are enough to make someone have a nervous breakdown....but fortunately, you can pause the game and restore buildings and then hit play again.
  8. Hello all! I am Matt from Tennessee. (Crowd: Hello matt) I am addicted to video games....it's been 37 minutes since I last played one. Very excited to watch the development of this game. Always patiently waiting for content.
  9. Lizard Candy

    1.Do not research any building upgrades after refinery. Build x2 of each refinery and then upgrade in this order Farm>Eatery>Wells>Hospital BUT do not upgrade them back-to-back so you can still build wells, water pumps, eatery with regular materials. 2. Drop everything you are doing and pick up dead people and place them inside the cemetery. It seems the gravedigger can handle them better and also not get disease. 3. It looks like refinery buildings, forecast towers and sometimes stone huts wont let you pick them up. However, I noticed that if someone dies inside them it will not affect other nuggets. 4. Every time you join the game, click on your restoration god powers so you have it. If you are overwhelmed with repairs, hit PAUSE and CTRL-Click the buildings and then resume. 5. Hospital won't help you in disease outbreaks. Picking up diseased nuggets and killing them is the best way. Place anyone that is dead in the cemetery (other nuggets wont walk near or through them)
  10. Battered World

    My wife pointed out that it might give someone a nervous breakdown to constantly repair buildings. The newsfeed sound going off constantly, flying around the map and clicking your mouse like it's on rapid fire mode. lol
  11. Survival Tips

    I always kill Elu at the start. Instantly slows population growth at the beginning to enable more time to research better things. I start off 2nd year of Spring with 20 food and 1 farm being almost ready. By end of year 2 I can usually have 2 farms with 4 water pumps. Population will start to boom around year 3 with plenty of food. Keep a good workforce of laborers.
  12. Water Capacity at 150?

    Do not research anything past Refinery. Once you have built a couple of Wood Cutters/Stone Masons then upgrade one building at a time. I usually do water upgrades after Farms/Eatery that way I can continue building water pumps to offset the population booms. Tier 2 Upgrade Path: Farm > Eatery > Water > Hospitals Remember that you do not need to continue research back-to-back. Give some time to upgrade buildings between each set.
  13. Battered World

  14. Battered World

    Battered World Hello, After playing religiously and caring for my nuggets, I have some concerns and maybe some tips. Complaints: -After reaching a population of 98 nuggets they all decided to freeze. I read you can shake them vigorously for a second and place them down but before I could do it for 98 nuggets my game froze. -Reaching the 80 nugget mark my game would freeze every 4-6 minutes -Engineers need to get a buff because I shouldn't need 10 Engineer huts and still have to help repair... -Cemeteries are awesome, however they are quite large and do not fit enough people. I end up demolishing them after they fill up....rotating between 2 or 3 depending on my elderly population -Those fishermen need to speed it up. My crappy math says they could probably bring in x2 fish (12) and it wouldn't drastically alter the game. 3500 Fish won't deplete before my water pumps suck it dry -The dust storms make me laugh. In a god game, shouldn't I be the one who calls upon those....along with the laughable tornados? I don't even alert my nuggets. -On the load menu, it shows how many nuggets are currently on your save file....does it include dead ones? Because it showed a population of 118 nuggets when I only had 98 alive. -Unable to return to the main menu from in-game. -Refilling the lake water via rain has already been answered by the devs, for those who may not know yet. -Farms seem to be smart on water usage....Turn pumps off when they are done....but it seems like everything else is just constantly sucking water with no stopping... Maybe tips: -I didn't find a problem with the distance my workers travelled. Keep a lot of wells spread out along with a triangle of Eateries, Hospitals and Local Business. That way your nuggets can do everything between home and work. -I also find the Local Business to worker ratio is 1-20. Thanks to everyone on forums for this one. -If you fall behind on repairs, even with 10+ Engineer huts, then hit the PAUSE button and repair with God Powers -The best way to feed them seems to be 5-6 forest farms growing Healthy Malina -Place your epicenter between 2-3 of the BIGGEST bodies of water on your world NEAR FORESTS -Always have 3-4 more water pumps than you need, turn them on-off, alternating between your 2 bodies of water for usage. -One funeral pyre seems to work well with the 2x cemeteries that you demolish (when one reaches max capacity) -If someone dies...DROP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING, pick them up and take them to the cemetery. Your gravedigger will appreciate it. Avoid the disease. Some buildings won't let you take the dead -With how slow Fisherman are.....don't build one -Don't rip up trees/rocks.. -Don't build the Reservoir......it is useless if your water pumps are sufficient. (They might come in handy in a later build, but waste of time and resources right now) -SET YOUR AUTOSAVE TO 3 MINUTES after you pass 40 nuggets UPGRADING TO LEVEL 2: -If you are even thinking of upgrades, after you learn your REFINERY buildings..wait until you have built Stone Mason x2 and Wood Carpenter x2. and then press the knowledge to upgrade....but ONLY learn one at a time and don't learn them back-to-back. I started with the farm upgrades...waited to get a few upgraded farms built.....then after a game year I did Eatery and so on. This allowed me to keep building things I needed to support them such as wells, water pumps with regular materials. Thank you for reading and I hope it helped you! Great work on the game so far!