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  1. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Cemetery: - Echoing others, the capacity must be increased. Minimum 25, but perhaps 50. I say 50 because it seems odd to me that I should need two cemeteries before I've even progressed to a point where I'm making refined wood/stone in bulk quantities to support the next stage of civilisational development. I can see why I might need two eateries, or 6 fishing docks, but 3-4 cemeteries seems strangely out of whack against expectations. - A mechanism for cycling plot spaces needs to be implemented. Whether the graves wither and get reused after X years, or some other regeneration factor. Hell even an expensive resurrect-from-the-dead God power that gives evil points would be amusing. Post-disaster clean-up and distance travelled should be the only reasons I should need to build another cemetery. - The work/life balance of nuggets needs to be addressed in favour of more time spent working. Perhaps this will be alleviated when the other profession slots open up on every building, but that would require the population to be double what it is currently to be viable, and we aren't getting to that point without addressing the work/life balance issue in the first place (unless the ratio is dynamic based on some other factor). - Bring down the invisible walls and allow nuggets to walk through the cemetery to use it, rather than have to enter/exit from the main hut, at least until the AI pathfinding is fixed. - The tooltip needs to be updated to make clear exactly what the red ring around the building does on placement. - Add something like how the Engineer's hut says 'Situation: Manageable' as a cue to build a new cemetery as things start to get out of the gravediggers hands. Lease on gravedigger distance is a must. Pyre: - This should be a plague-control device, or a signal tower to communicate with nuggets in another camp on the other side of an ocean (like the signal pyres in LOTR). Unless forests are regrowing on this planet, wood is too precious to be burned. I'd rather throw the bodies into the depths of space, which seems like more of a bug than a feature. Diseased bodies should be burned, but people dying of accidents and old age should go to the cemetery. Perhaps have a higher risk of people working in dirty professions like fisher and farmer to die of diseases. Future upgrade should be to a crematoria. - Nuggets should have the intelligence to attempt to avoid diseased bodies, at least on a semi-random basis (accidents happen), until there are so many bodies in their way that they can't help but get infected. - The tooltip needs to be updated to make clear exactly what the red ring around the building does on placement. - Synergise building placements. If you have a working pyre next to a reservoir, the fire will keep the water liquid during the freezing depths of Winter (which seems to last longer than any other season). Placing pyres near eateries or hospitals should be bad juju. Small businesses near farms or the ocean should provide more happiness than those in a desert. Be creative with multiple pros and cons so we have to put more thought into our building placement than simply 'where do I have enough space for this?' Reproduction: - A certain amount of Malthusian boom/bust needs to still take place in the game if we're trying to simulate reality, though there's only so much reality we can or should put into a game that's meant to be fun to play. - Truth be told I try to avoid Divine Punishment because the population explosion leads to a civilisational crash around 40-50 nuggets where everyone has a job, no one is breeding, and everyone is dying (despite there being plenty of food and water available). - The school learning mechanic could bring in the beginnings of a family-planning upgrade tree into the fold, as higher education leads to fewer children (but if we're sticking to the real world, this is also only true under circumstances of increasing economic wealth, low infant mortality, low childbirth mortality, and in the absence/presence of certain cultural norms - exactly how much of this we want the game to replicate is an open question). - God match-making needs a list-like user interface. There's no getting around this, because individually handling nuggets is cumbersome, and getting the God-powers to fire off at all is a bit of a pain.
  2. Launcher Stuck On 18% For 4 Hours

    Ditto. I've been stuck on 26% for an hour.