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  1. I never really thought about that - but this game is played all over the globe. So appropriate xD So why does no game like that exist anymore if there is such an fan base? The last god game I know is Black and White (2) - which was released 2005. And before that I played Populous on the Master System II. So The Universim really takes me back and I'm so glad that I accidentally stumbled upon you guys at the Gamescom in Cologn.
  2. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Do you really want it to make it that easy? I think you should be able to fail. Also fail massively. Because it's a sandbox game - and without some big mission goal the one thing that will keep us playing is the difficulty level of creating liveable planets. And for that there should always be the danger of the possibility being wiped out completely.
  3. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Ok, yeah, they should be different. But as long as they quite differ in their advantages and penalties (e.g. pyre - very fast mass disposel of dead bodies at the cost of wood, free labourers carrying wood, pollution etc vs. cemetry - slow single funerals, clean and consuming lot of land) it should be more than ok to have different buildings. And if these two have the functionality like said above, I can't see how one of this buildings could be an upgrade of the other. Or, at least, I can see it, but only in the way as supplement: like starting with one of it and the upgrade add the other building to the already existing, so that you can use both of them from then. But then you need two on/off switches in this combined building to decide which of the part should work right now ... and then the overall layout differ quite a lot from all the other buildings. Plus you're way more flexible in creating your townscape if the buildings keep seperated from each other. What you think about that?
  4. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    You think? Because every other building which is not cemetry or pyre is about the life of nuggets. So no, just two simple buildings about dead nuggets aren't too much I think. Especially since death is (at least in human culture) always a special and key point in like every culture ... from just let them lying around to fed the creatures to carrying the corpse in a ceremony through a city ... Yes, defenitely. There are a bunch of situations where a god would need to build previous versions of buildings. I'd like to have the option to chose which versions too ... Hmm, first of all I think that switch turning the hut on and off would differ drastically from every other on/off switch of the buildings. I think there should be a straight consense - same buttons for same things. The other thing is: creating a button for the hut that regulate if mating is permitted would make a god power for spreading love pointless. And as soon you decrease the number of god powers, god powers itself become pointless. There should be a minimum number, e.g. a god power for basic interactions (healing, loving, fearing ...) That's why I wanted the possibility to easily open as many character sheets I want and use the love-god-power on them. For a time now I also think about hippie-nuggets: Some nuggets with a gene for polyamore ... nuggets that don't care if their beloved ones are mating with other nuggets. Hippie-nuggets: just sitting in circles, singing, playing guitar and ... making love (and a lot of new labourers xD) Yeah, I was thinking the same: nuggets should consider to move as soon their jobs are out of a specific range from their hut. But there is at least one problem with commuters: what about the partner? Let's say the she-nugget is mining stones in the far east. And the he-nugget is working at the eatery in the far west. Where should they put their hut? This would mean nuggets should be able to quit their jobs or better to switch jobs with nuggets ... But this would create kinda chaos I think. Nobody will know who's working where ... Maybe the previous call for an update of the inhabitants and housing UI would solve this: when you can also see the partner of every nugget on your planet you can probably assign both to jobs close to each other. Then they can move or build a new hut close to their jobs. Maybe children should aim for taking the jobs of their parents over as soon they're dead. But at the same time they should looking for other partners than their own family in the buisiness but probably aim for mating with nuggets from close-by-factories. Because that would result in a bigger gene pool (other than incest) and at the same time a naturally grown new hut assemble will rise: different villages and cities will rise and grow close by different working areas.
  5. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Hmm, that would result in some problems I think, because their could be an corpse lying for ages right before your eatery where every nugget goes and the gravedigger will only gather the corpses at the sewery because this area is closer to the cemetery. Maybe there should be a timer. Like "from 2 dead nuggets that died nearly at the same time gather the one closer by first" And I think there is more needed. Like: "If 2 nuggets are dead and if those 2 nuggets died at different time points and if both nuggets aren't spreading infection yet, then gather the one that died first" ... and is one of them already spreading infection then it may be better if the gravedigger is going for the other one before this one is spreading too. A maximum reach for the gravedigger above overall is, like I think everybody else think too, should be the best idea. Nah, at least I'm against corpses in the bloody diarrhoea fields xD But I'd appreciate the idea ... how about the pyres. Nuggets that are burnt turning to ashes. And you could use the ashes as a resource to fertilise the fields ... And the pyre ... I'd also like that. But not in general. How about a sea funeral as an option for the pyre. Like ... you need to have researched the pyre and fishing and after that you can degrease the bad influence of the pyre not putting it right into the middle of a town but at the seaside shipping your burnt loves out there.
  6. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Cemetry / Pyre I'd like to see them kind of related: A gravedigger from the cemetry is going for bodies and will keep burrying them in the cemetry as long as there are free spaces. I'd like to open the cemetry menu and chose by clicking at the graves if this place is open for a burial or not. Are there no places for a burial open or if the cemetry is already full, the gravedigger should carry the corpses to the pyre. A gravedigger should be the only nugget who is allowed to carry a corpse. The pyre should be allowed to be fired up by all nuggets. Which means all laberours carrying wood there suffer from the unhappyness penalty. The pyre will consume wood and hapyness (more than the cemetry because almost nobody goes there) - and maby also the oxygen of the planet because of the fires. The fire should not burn all the time but brighten up as soon as the gravedigger arrives with a corpse. So the pyre should have a stock for a wood pile which the gravedigger can use to burn a corpse. I'd also like to see the range of the unhappiness penalty every time I click on the cemetry or pyre. Including alternative ways to get rid of dead bodies For example mass graves that attract wild and aggressive animals, nugget candles - nuggets on spikes to signalize a territory or just for the evil god aura, nuggets thrown in space will float arround the planet causing trouble for space ships leaving the atmosphere Nugget population / reproduction Matchmaking: I find it pretty hard matchmaking all the nuggets the way it is now. I can never tell who to match with whom. It always ends with just clicking arround making many previous partners unhappy. Maybe it would be easier with a better nugget inhabitant summery: right now I can only see the name, job and some characteristics. The favourit-mark-symbols are helpfull to mark those nuggets who are interesting (because of low fat burn, faster movement and so on). But I'd appreciate to also open the specific character sheet of a nugget by simply clicking of its name in this menu instead of clicking at his face and then having a camera travel to the nugget and then clicking at him in the world. It's cool to see this way where the nugget is but I'd need a simplier way to get the character sheet. And it would be helpfull if the "make love"-god power would work in the nugget inhabitant overview directly. Also I'd appreciate a small symbol at nuggets that are educated and nuggets that are interlaced with other nuggets (maybe there lovers could also be noted in this list). This way I could breed the way I want them to breed in a more effective way instead of just clicking random nuggets in the world. consciousness: Nuggets should have some consciousness about the environment. They should reproduce more in times with warehouses full of food, also when the is quite a food base and labourer are needed (because jobs and skills shortage...). They also should move closer together at the edge of extinction, at wars or losing their relatives to wild animals. But in times with no food, water, too many free labourers and so on, they should lose the interest in reproduction ...