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  1. God Game... Or Strategy Game?

    you're all over looking a simple fact. this game is not in beta, it's in ALPHA stage! they barley began working on it. we are backing the game from the very start. expect massive changes to be made at later points.
  2. Wood and stone refinery

    ones you pick up a tree or a rock, press left and right mouse button at the same time to break them
  3. Wood and stone refinery

    the best way is to break trees and stone yourself and leave it on the ground. ones i figured that out, it was kinda fast getting the refined wood and stone to pump out.
  4. The Game broke ?????????

    save your screenshots as a jpeg. that will solve the 1.95 cap problem.
  5. Stone Hud support

    check to see if it's using refined or regular resources. if it's regular, than it's definitely a bug and should be treated as such.
  6. Stone Hud support

    have you researched the water pump upgrade? it happened to me too. ones you do any upgrade research, the materials required for your buildings will be refined wood and stone. (correct me if i'm wrong. is it from building or is it from upgrading?) if you research and than try to build with refined, they won't support it unless you got the materials.
  7. V18 - Consistent Crashing

    you DO realize this game is still in alpha stage, right? - and yes, his comment may have been a little umm, how should we say, "insulting"? but he said he isn't working on the game engine. so seriously, i'm not counting this person as someone who "knows" what he's talking about. and yes, he IS part of the game's development team, but he deals with servers and such. when the game goes beta, i guess they'll have the range of hardware it will support. and trust me, it'll support your graphics card. not because i know, but because it's not a "heavy" game.
  8. Nuggets Suddenly Multiplied da hell? my population suddenly multiplied by thousands. here is a picture proof.