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  1. I put all the upgrades in the research que, but only the first two registered which lead to not being able to upgrade my farms. The research has disapeared from available selections. Also the game wont let me get the next level of research to get lumber mills and mines. Side note: Love that you keep the patches coming, and would love to see some late game balancing in the next one. At this point with 80 sims every single one of them is infected and as soon as they get cured they get infected again. I have 5 cemeteries. My thought is that it might be a bit hard to recover when it goes bad.
  2. Wood and stone refinery

    Wood and stone refinery Good choice on pumping up those refineries but they are quite bugged in my two runs, seems like the workers get stuck between picking up resources and going back in to the refinery. They just go back and forth without doing anything.
  3. Weird black boxes flashing in and out everywhere...?

    Same issue, setting shades / shadow to minimum does not fix it. Using RX 480