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  1. My game did the same after I loaded my own save. After load, the research timer ground to a halt, some nuggets were stuck in place doing nothing, the same animation, or falling repeatedly, and the other nuggets were doing a slow walk and stop movement, repeatedly. My computer resources were particularly high. The game was using about half the CPU on an I7. Nuggets that find their way to the restaurant would randomly not advance their hunger. Some would finish eating, but others would not.
  2. I had no problem with a high population until I loaded a saved game. Half the nuggets are stuck in no animation or a hammer swinging animation and not moving. Some of these will fall to the ground after a bit, stand up, and repeat. The other half are moving towards objectives, but they move a couple feet, stop, and repeat, taking a long time to reach objectives. Those that were eating or sleeping were stuck at the level they saved and not regenerating stamina or hunger. In order to get them moving again, they had to be picked up, but then they acted randomly like the other nuggets.
  3. two screens

    I use windowed mode. When clicking on the other screen, the mouse movement is still attached to the game. It moves the world around. So, there are problems with both full screen and windowed mode.
  4. list of bugs for new patch el pacino

    I didn't have the problem of them not finding water, but the wells do not fill fast enough after the first upgrade. With 46 nuggets and two upgraded wells, they do not fill fast enough to supply the nuggets. This is an upgrade problem. They need to fill slightly faster with the upgrade.
  5. Mating Snoozer

    Had one nugget stuck snoozing in a hut with zero stamina. It would not refill, and the status was "mating".
  6. Had one wood refinery worker in the building. It got stuck in a loop between collecting resources, walking into building, walking right outside the building, doing nothing, and repeating back to collecting resources.
  7. As I approach 180 civ and 85 population, the city has expanded beyond efficient employment. I have no idea how far nuggets' houses are from places I have them employed. This is a huge problem that will take some creativity to solve. If nuggets travel long distances to employment, then they risk getting hungry, thirsty, and/or tired before they get to their job. A couple ideas to solve this... 1) Toggle to set buildings for level of education... buildings will automatically employ the level of education you set. It will select nuggets based on their hut proximity. If a suitable nugget is not found at that level of education within a certain distance, then it will select the next level of education lower. When that person dies, it starts over. 2) Have a universal employment button... When hit, all buildings will drop their employees. Then when you select it again, buildings will assign nuggets based on proximity, and with the previous, based on level of education. Buildings will fill employees based on some order of building importance, such as food generation, eatery, construction, and so on. 3) When selecting employment for a specific building, have a toggle where it only shows those nuggets in a certain radius of the building. The radius could have a number of presets, including entire map. I think some combo of the three is needed, and each is useful in combination with the other two.
  8. Stone Huts

    When there is a population crisis, were it falls over a period of time, some of the stone huts become empty. Then when nuggets marry, they tend to build new structures at the edge of town, rather than moving into the empty structures. I tried to demolish the old, empty structures to see if they would build in the center of town where there was empty space, but the nuggets still built at the edge of town. They should fill empty structures first. Then, if there are no structures, they should then build near the research hut first, and then move out to where there is room.
  9. Population Growth

    I had to regrow the population by closing the school and manually forcing nuggets to marry. Then forcing the children to marry once they became an adult. This forced the population to grow again after I had went from 26 to 10 population and almost lost any chance of growing again.
  10. Seating at Restaurant

    I understand that I could build more, but the upgrade is lackluster. At about 20 population, you are at the first upgrade. If you have one building, you should be able to upgrade and take care of that current population with the one building at the time you can upgrade it. In the end, what is the purpose of upgrading? You can just build another restaurant. Six seats at first upgrade should be enough to take care of 20, with other perks. You would then need to build a second restaurant when you get to 30 or so. It still doesn't change the problem that to serve the population, you need seats and not the additional cook in the building. The second cook is nice if you need to jumpstart after winter, but when you have the civ running efficiently, you never need the second cook in the building. You are only upgrading for the two extra seats, which is not enough to do much without a second building with its two-four seats.
  11. By about 100 civ age, the population steadied at about 17 and slowly reduced as people died off due to old age. Very quickly, the population fell below 12 and was not looking good for future prospects of civilization growth. Nuggets were in schooling and not mating. This was without the 50% twin chance perk. There needs to be a married column and a sex column in the population log and to be able to sort based on multiple columns, such as married and sex. This would allow us to use the god power to force love on the nuggets more efficiently.
  12. At some point in the game, people die consistently. The gravediggers then collect bodies, ignoring food, water, and rest. They will die in the process. It seems that they should collect bodies, but after they return and bury/burn them, they should eat, drink, and rest, as needed, before they go out again.
  13. At the late game in current build, the food problem is related to seating at the restaurant. There needs to be more seats, such as 3/6/9. Also, there is no need for a second cook at the first upgrade stage if your food source is relatively near or have laborers to move food around. My nuggets kept eating food from the bunker and warehouse because there was never enough room at the restaurant. My cook could easily keep it stocked with only 4 seats at first upgrade because the nuggets did not shift in and out fast enough to deplete. Since the nuggets did not get food from the restaurant, they ate food that made them hungry faster, which made the problem worse. I could build a second restaurant, but that defeats the purpose of upgrading, since there was not enough space added from it.
  14. Huge Pencils

    For some reason after a couple generations, the students are writing with huge pencils.
  15. Since we can rotate how we want to place a building and nuggets will make footpaths, it would be nice to have some indication of building entrance before we set the building. This will allow use to be able to make the paths/roads more efficient. Instead of having nuggets walk away from main paths around the building to the other side, we can set the entrance on a main footpath.