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  1. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    A lot of good posts about problems, let me just start by saying that Pyres seam to function better finally. People are bringing bodies to them and they seem to burn them, they are not so far back at priority so they do it with their other tasks. I can agree that cemeteries are a way to small. I managed to reach a population of 150 years age and had to build around 6 cemeteries or more, I lost track because I would demolish a cemetery when it was full because it was useless and build another one in its place. The biggest problem I noticed around this time is a still present problem with pathfinding being broken after population reaches 60. Nuggets get stuck at one place, majority of them, and stop doing anything useful and eventually die of hunger thirst or old age. They start floating at that time, being untargetable, start to lie partially underground and doing all sort of weird stuff. Guess we will have to wait for another patch to try to sort it out. But so far on my tests, all hell breaks loose after I reach a population of 60. My idea, and I think a necessity is to give us some kind of a tool to allow us to control the population growth. Also in future updates, you really should give nuggets that are doing farming and fishing and other seasonal tasks, a laborer functions when they are offseason. I also had a period where I had an abundance of food, and resources and my population just stopped to reproduce. I dropped to 7 from 50 or something and was playing with matchmaking, and then it started to grow miraculously. Handling the bodies was a nightmare but I managed to recover and reach a 60 once again, then all hell broke loose. Hell at age 161 I hope to see a state where nuggets get a bit independent, in a sense that they have a priority where they tend to survive. For example, if they are hungry, they prioritize farming because it will give them food. or if they are laboring and get hungry, they stop chopping wood and go find a food. I hate to see them die from hunger or thirst because they were occupied by entertaining while walking past a full well or a farm which had plenty of food in storage (that is mostly based on their pathfinding issues now). But still, I would like to see some degree of independence in them, a sense of a survivalist instinct, ability to drop what they were doing and go for food if it's critical. I hope to see them try to move if there is not enough food and go out and hunt or gather food from far away. There is still no way of expanding. Where ever you start to build on a planet, nuggets still don't want to move and build their huts near their new job, they all travel from your evolution tower to where you put them and often die from thirst or hunger on their way to job XD (funny). I also found a bug on all my playthroughs (3) with trying to finish a prayer mission. I seem to finish it, at least I think, and don't get a completed status, and the message gets stuck forever, and no more messages ever get received.
  2. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    I tested pyres on v19, and they seem to work if there is enough wood, and there is nothing currently building as if they are absolutely last priority, only will then a random worker bring a body, and somebody will bring the wood.
  3. Just an update how it looks on mobile browser now :)
  4. I can confirm this is an issue on my screen to, resolution 2560x1440, tried firefox and chrome, I finaly managed to change my picture when I resized my Chrome window to be fuly narow, then change picture square poped.
  5. V17 - Graveyard & Repair

    v19, built 3 pyres, icluding one upgraded and they do nothing. Will try again a report back