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  1. Extra terrestrial planet generator I have no idea what is currently planned for the future so I think that giving my own view of what I'm expecting to see after the purchase of this game as an end user. I will read what the devs have to say about this afterwards and edit in details if needed. A generator that creates random planets A player should be able to determine what type of planet it is by its external aspect : Every planet would have : - Its own type of topography influenced by the planet type - Its own coloured atmosphere => climate (red =hot, light blue = cold, green, red, purple...) - A select amount (2+) of dominating ressources for long term exploitation. Volcanic planets could have their own ressource rich biomes (minerals) but no water, big ultra green planets would have an abundance of oil.... - Its own set of biomes linked to the planet type. Example : Planet types and their biomes : Abandoned Civilization : Low oil levels, no resources, exotic technology to be discovered (nugget enhancements, transport, energy production...) - Wasteland (green sludge lakes) - Modern urban ruins - Abandoned farmland - Overgrown forest - Broken transport tubes/vehicles Volcanic : Active volcanoes, living conditions are very hard, ressources make it worth it. - Crystal mountains (for mineral expoitation) - Lava lakes/rivers - Volcano mountains - Dark sand deserts Overgrown : Vegetation covers the planet, supports its own wildlife (ideally 2-4 species out of a selection of 100+ for each biome) - Large fern forest - Blossum forest - Big green mountains with arches, cliffs.. - Long grass plains (small) Nugget Habitat Same planet type as starter planet, wildlife, topography and ressources could differ, possible chance of a civilization existing there. Excellent spot to set up a home base. Ice Planet Covered in thick ice Abundance of water and ice, all other resources are low, treasures could be found under the ice if the planet is to be heated, treasures such as new genetic material...
  2. Era specific wildlife Here are some suggestions of animals to be implemented for different eras, each animal would have its own behaviours, biomes and role to play in the nugget ecosystem... Prehistoric era : - Mammoths : Slow moving animals that can either be tamed for transport or killed for food/materials, found in all biomes in open flat areas except desert. - Sabre toothed tigers : Dangerous animals limited to the mountaineous and plaines and desert biomes, they hunt other animals and any unfortunate nugget that ventures out too far, they stay away from nugget settlements. Independant creatures, they prefer to sleep and hunt alone in excluded areas. - Boars Docile, medium paced creatures that run when disturbed, have a tendancy to charge at nuggets when wounded. Their natural habitat is the forest and feed off nuts, berries, roots etc.. Good source of food for nuggets and sabre toothed tigers alike. - Wolves Wolves hunt in packs, can eventually be tamed to help nuggets in hunts, nuggets do not hunt/kill wolves, if not in self defence. - Rabbits Fast breeding animals that are in abundance in the plains usually found near burrows, they are the primary source of food for many carnivorous animals and nuggets. They are also cute to watch hop around on the ground. - Bears Living in the mountains, bears are territorial creatures they tend to eat anything that they can catch. - Deer Often found in the plains/forest biomes, they tend to graze in the plains and run into the forest when danger comes close. They are a primary source of food and leather for nuggets. Medieval era : - Chickens Reliable food source, the chickens came from eggs, we do not know who came first but they appeared, and are good food, need grains to grow. Unlocked with farm upgrade - Domesticated boars -> Pigs Reliable food source, offers leather, bones/dung for fertilizer or medicine, very good food source. Unlocked with farm upgrade, needs boars. - Tamed wolves -> Dogs I have no idea why dogs - Mammoths -> Elephants Mammoths died out - Sabre toothed tigers -> leopards/jaguars/tigers The sabre toothed tigers died out. - Donkeys Merchandise transport device Modern era : - Blackbirds - Foxes
  3. meteor storm disasters

    I like the idea of a ring of debris, doesn't have to randomly drop stuff on the planet, it could be a ressource to be exploited later on in the game. I see meteor showers happening at random and at very rare intervals. (Once every 3+ years)
  4. A Bug Report Form Could it be possible to have a bug report form on the website with multiple text boxes to fill in: Title* : [Text Box - Bug] Description* : [Text Box - Short Description of Bug] Tags: [Website/Visual/Textures/AI/Resources/Research/Farming/Workers/Building/Launcher/Audio/Performance...] Universim Version* : [Scroll Down List] Plateform: PC/Mac/Linux.. OS: Windows 64 / Mac OSX .. What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Date/Time Bug happened: Date field Video/Screenshot of Bug: upload youtube link/file here Where does the bug appear: [Text Box] How often does the bug appear: [Text Box] What does this bug affect: [Text Box] How can we recreate the bug? [Text Box] Did any error messages happen? [Text Box] This would allow the bugs to be sorted, easily searchable, easy to manage and class and all put inside a database, this would avoid duplicate bug reports. It is easier to report the bug and also makes sure the users are putting in the right information. All bug reports can then be linked to or sent to bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management functions .
  5. Eskimology Type: Local Category: Nugget Behavior Functionality: Allows fisherman to make holes in the ice to fish during winter. Sociologistical Thinking Type: Local Category: Nugget Behavior Functionality:"Laborors know what the needs of the population are and will "prioritize" buildings that satisfy its needs." Reduces the need to "prioritize" buildings on the users end. Example: If the population is thirsty, and the well is not producing enough but an upgrade to the pump is in order, though there are also plans to build a house and a wood refinery. They "know" that they need to build the pump but can't because they need refined wood, they will set to work on the wood refinery unless a new pump project is placed where they can build without refined wood. Opens up the road to the development of paths. Survival Instinct Type: Local Category: Nugget Behavior Functionality: Nuggets huddle together to keep warm, they eat less when food is scarce, they know when to run from danger, when their numbers are low... they reproduce... their average survival goes up. Tracker Type: Local Category: Nugget Behavior Functionality: Nuggets are more successful at tracking animals in hunts Longevity Type: Local Category: Gene technology Functionality: Nuggets live longer and so are able to reproduce for a longer amount of time in their life spans
  6. Mission #1: Temperature Regulation When exploring new planets in The Universim, your colonization team might suddenly find their new home not up to the comfortable standards of their life back on Mother Planet. With the right research in technology, your citizens will be able to create machines that will regulate the temperature of the new planet in attempts to create more suitable living conditions. Through our Prometheus engine, civilizations with the right technology will be able to view and understand how suitable a planet will be. Community Questions: What are these machines called? Geothermal Regulator What do they look like? A box with two chimneys and two visible pipes going in and out of the ground. usually found inside old volcanoes where geothermal activity is in abundance. They are small and self sufficient, most importantly, easy to deploy I cannot draw: Functionality? Has an internalized system, potential to output electricity. Produces electricity for itself, controles the temperature of the surrounding environment, 3-5 of them would be needed to cover a whole planet, during the summer it creates clouds when the temperature gets too hot, using up nearby water and cooling the surroundings enough for life to go on as normal. During winter, this machine brings up hot water / electricity to heat up nuggets homes or frozen lake to make it usefull again. This is a small regulator that greatly reduces the chances of extreme temperatures in those regions, however can have some consequences on the weather such as heavy rains and monsoon type weather on the ourskirts.
  7. First impressions of the game (Lezappen) Version: ALPHA Impressions and thoughts: Oh, nice logo! high quality and clean! Loading screen music is nice upon starting a new game, but for some resason it cuts mid load .. hmm, oh it comes back a bit after, strange though. I have an azerty keyboard, wasd is not fitting, thankfully I can make my way around with the mouse. Picked up a nugget, now to put him carefully on the ground without splatting him... Is there a researchable skill to enable my fisherman to fish like ekimos, in little holes in the ice? I really like the look and feel of the game, I feel like I'll be here a while. It's hard to move around the planet by clicking and dragging while holding a structure without placing it, I guess I'll move to the spot before placing it. Prioritize button proves to be pretty ineffective, but I know it is still to be worked on after feedback from submitting the bug. Engineers break their bones before it is possible to have a hospital.. I'll just assign them to jobs that don't need a lot of movement, such as the archive. The feel of the game is nice, though a little more time before winter would be nice, I'd love to start the game in spring. I haven't been playing for long, I can't wait to see how this game evolves. Suggestions so far: fishing holes research An extra UI displaying your nuggets individual/average needs vs the resources available.
  8. Save a game in creative mode, you will be in story mode when you load up the save. Creating a game in creative, placing an archive and saving the game leads to the game being in story mode next time the game is opened. SUGGESTION: When saving the game, choose between a "Story mode" save or a "creative mode" save.
  9. V19 Localization Data is missing for "NewsMessages/CropsNoWater/Consolidated"