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  1. Upgrading and Disasters

    No, you don't have control over when they build them, but if you're in a real pinch.. turn them off temporarily. They're 2 water each and if your game is like mine.. there's usually 5-10 huts floating around so that is 10-20 water you can save until you can get a pump up and running. You'd probably have to build two as when you do turn on the huts.. that'll be water chewed up, but that could also work if needed..
  2. Upgrading and Disasters

    I understand what both of you are saying. It all depends a lot on when you get the refinery research. If they make it so you can't put down a lower grade well/farm after research has been completed (in an upcoming patch), then maybe focus on stockpiling refined wood/stone into a warehouse. Maybe you will have enough to build a well/farm after a disaster hits. I've been in that situation before where the only thing that got destroyed luckily was my farm. I actually picked up my nuggets and moved them to safety. I've also been in the situation that was similar, but I hadn't had the refinery research come up yet so that did help that they needed only rocks and wood. We'll see which way they go. One thing is for certain, whichever way they do go about it.. we'll just have to plan for it. One thing is for sure, I plan out (almost always) every building I put down. I pause a lot because I say thing to myself like "Okay, I've got x amount of water, building the hospital will put me at.. I need another pump" and so on. Same goes with food. I look at my population and as long as I have about 3-4x the amount that I do nuggets, I know one one -should- starve. I also build 1 well per 5-6 nuggets. AI is an issue still as they'll still starve or get thirsty when I've got a surplus and my wells are full. I know that these issues will be addressed so I just plan accordingly in my game
  3. Is there a roadmap ?

    Looks like we're in the purple section of the road map now as we've gotten a god mission with the latest patch and more God powers. We're getting there..
  4. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Cemeteries: I love this idea that's been mentioned in other posts! After so many nugget years (50-70) that the graves become usable again. That's purely based on nuggets living longer and longer as you progress through the game. There should be an upgrade option like they pyre where you should be able to hold more plots (since you get more with other building upgrades). As well as another gravedigger incase you get instances where two or more nuggets die at the same time because say one gravedigger is off stuffing his face, mating, drinking, sleeping, or preparing for a date.. yanno all those more important tasks LOL Pyres: I agree with the general census.. less costly, more functionality. I'd love to see this tied into the cemetery and possibly gravediggers responsible for carrying the bodies. I like the idea of a spouse or next of kin delivering the bodies, but I worry about spreading infection. Reproduction: This is more of what I've noticed than a suggestion. My population seems to get to about 30 nuggets on their own and then it starts to die off. Literally my nuggets stop reproducing and I have to use the matchmaking god power to get them to mate and make baby nuggets. However, I do have a suggestion. Why not make it so that if you turn off the stone hut.. that's like turning off mating? That way you have another way of controlling how fast your population grows. I've seen huts where some have 3 kids and some only have 1. I'd like to be able to control how many kids each household has so that I can keep it even and have a pretty steady population increase. It also allows you to fill in the gaps if suddenly a lot of nuggets that reached the elderly stage die off, from a natural disaster, etc. Just a thought..
  5. Quest Question

    Awesome. I thought they were in the school because they had the same name and they were in my list of nuggets. I might start over just so I can see if I can get it completed this time. I hated failing it.
  6. I was getting that with gravediggers, but I thought that was gravediggers still just being dumb, and not getting the bodies. I can't say I've noticed that with other nuggets that are assigned jobs, but I know nuggets that are delivering resources sometimes get stuck trying to path around buildings. I'm not sure if this is a pathing issue or not, but I notice if a lot of nuggets are all in the same area trying to go somewhere they can't move until the path is clear sort to speak. They can't go through one another and they don't seem to try to get where they're going some other way so a few will run into each other.
  7. Quest Question

    The problem is that I found the nugget. They were in the school, but how do you deliver them to the parents? I kept dragging them over to Yummba or whoever asked for the help, but that doesn't seem to do anything. I wish it was a bit more clear how to save said nugget to complete the quest. Time expired and suddenly the nugget died by a wolf attack, but it looked like he was in town. So needless to say that was really confusing. Is that the only quest you can complete? I know it's for testing purposes, but it'd be nice if there were a few more we could try out.
  8. Impressions

    I totally agree with you. I know there needs to be a balance in everything, but when a farm or fishing pier tells you it will produce so much, and then doesn't when it's harvested is when it gets frustrating. I don't mind having a few farms and fishing piers. I usually try to make my nugget village in the middle of a few water areas and have a pier at each one. Pathing is indeed an issue. Sometimes nuggets aren't even walking into an effected zone.. they can't go around buildings to deliver resources. I try to pick them up and move them to see if that works, but then they just decide they want food and/or water instead. One can only hope that some of these get addressed in the next patch.
  9. Impressions

    I had to laugh because I've run into a lot of the same issues with gravediggers and other issues you've mentioned. Once you fill a cemetery you have to build another because they won't do anything. I can't get the pyre to work and they only ever filled it to 21/25 wood. I'm not sure if you have to get 25/25 before it will even work. Gravediggers are incredibly slow as I usually build two cemeteries to see if I can get bodies cleared up quicker between the two of them. That doesn't even work half the time so I literally pick them up and toss them into no man's land. Only because if I didn't, then half my population would get sick. I'm not sure how nuggets break their bones when they're doing something stupid like eating or fishing. They're sitting there. I can see injury during a job like an engineer. I can say "Okay, he dropped a hammer on his foot and broke it," but sitting on a boat fishing? Tornados are indeed a huge problem too. I've had one game where I got extremely unlucky and it took out 1/4 of my town/population. I rebuilt it and got it going again and then got smacked with two more tornadoes probably 15-20 minutes apart from each other. I was like "Yep, new game." Can someone actually tell me if they've had a bunker work? I've had a forecast tower, a nugget permanently glued to it, I've never turned it off, and still there's never been an alarm to say "Hey guys... there's this big swirly thing coming our way.. maybe we should get underground?" Not even once. So I don't build one half the time or the forecast tower because it seems to be off. The green bar will be under winter, but it's still fall.. go figure. The best game I've had so far and don't ask me how I did it, but I had a game last about 5-6 hours and I got a population of somewhere between 60-70 nuggets and then I had the problem of food. With 4 farms - 3 were food until I made the one for herbs into food due to low production - and 4 or 5 fishing piers, I couldn't keep them fed. I had 3 different stages of food on the farms. The two for 6 minutes, one for 10 minutes (I think it is), and the one that takes 16 minutes that produces like 26 fruit. Plus, if you count 4-5 fishing piers at 6 fish they catch, the fishing piers alone should feed 1/3 - 1/2 of the population. That's 24-30 food and I think the smallest farm produces 8 fruit. So my guesstimate would be that I -should- have had somewhere around 80 food maybe more which would have been enough to feed everyone. It should also have had enough left over in case a nugget had to eat again for whatever reason. And lastly, I have one more beef that wasn't mentioned.. why the hell can't I turn mating off? If I don't want them to screw like rabbits, then why are they? I thought turning off their hut would stop them from mating since it says "it won't produce anything." Okay.. they won't produce kids.... wrong. There are times I want them to stop mating so I have a chance to catch up on buildings or because I need someone to do their damn job instead of preparing for a date or mating. Otherwise, I feel the same.. the game is great and I think it has huge potential. It's why I play it and continue to play it. I'm still having fun with the game, but it frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.