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  1. Seating at Restaurant

    Yeah, I wish instead of another cook you had more seats. Or if you were going to keep the second cook, then make it so that you could seat somewhere between 8-10 nuggets. When I think of a restaurant, I picture a place with a ton of seating, and only seating 4 nuggets doesn't say restaurant.
  2. Population Growth

    I had the same issues. Don't worry, not forum stalking you Just you have a lot of good points and I'm just agreeing or sharing my experience. lol Back to the point.. I'm not sure what it is that causes them to stop marrying and mating themselves. I, too, was forcing them to get married and mate. It seemed as though all my god power points went strictly to match making. I was always looking for single nuggets to hook up. lol
  3. Stone Huts

    I agree. I'm not sure why they build so far away. My last game save they were almost developing their own little villages. I had huts in the center of it and in 3 different areas there were a collection of stone huts. It was almost like those gated communities in the suburbs. That's what it reminded me of lol
  4. Building Entrance and Footpath

    Woo Hoo! Awesome. I was thinking about that too where they have to go all the way around because of the way the paths and entrances are.
  5. Seating at Restaurant

    Knowing that the restaurant only seats 4 people, I build 2-3 of them, and have my initial eatery to start. It kinda sucks waiting for them to build them, but it's better than all of your nuggets starving. I do it in stages. I have one eatery and as soon as I can get refined wood/stone and have my restaurant upgrade, I build one. I build a couple of other necessary buildings and then build another one depending on my population. I try to have as many that will feed about half of my population. So if I have 20 nuggets, then I should have 1 eatery and 2 restaurants. Once you get the mine and lumber mill it shouldn't be too much of an issue to build more. Just a thought..
  6. Huge Pencils

    I have had this issue for the last couple of patches. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this issue for as long as I have.
  7. So I created a new game and when I place a building down for construction, nuggets will mine stone, but they won't cut down trees for lumber. I have a fishing pier, engineer's hut, and eatery all half finished because they won't gather lumber for some reason. I didn't have this problem in my last game oddly enough. I don't know what happened. I'll keep waiting to see if something happens, but I've been waiting awhile with no results.
  8. Poor Birth Rates

    It's true. Ever since the mating issues of them mating too much or not enough. It is a balancing act and I always get Divine Punishment. Especially after the last patch when I couldn't keep a population over 30-40 nuggets. I was relying on my god power to make single nuggets hook up and then hoping that they'd have twins to increase it. Rinse and repeat. This worked, but it's so much work to do it this way. I've been trying to keep everything very close and not so spread out. That helps, but I find that nuggets start dying off faster than they're pumping them out after a certain point. I'm going to try a new game and see if I can get better results.
  9. For me it was the farm. It happened to be in the middle of upgrading it when I had to save and go to bed and now it won't finish. I usually build 3-4 water pumps early so I don't have to mess with them for awhile as I build up my village. I'm glad to see that most of my issues are on their list for known bugs. Maybe they will put a hotfix patch in to fix some of them?
  10. Pumpkin Bugs

    I've had all of those bugs too except for burrowing nuggets. I will have to say I kept more nuggets grounded by not building the restaurant. If I kept them as eateries, but made twice as many, then I didn't have too bad of a floating nugget problem. I noticed some people saying it was from upgrading the eatery, but also building the restaurant from scratch also did it. I also think that AI slows down once a certain point is reached. Nuggets in my refinery don't pump out materials like when you first assign them. They don't build or gather as fast either. I feel like I am mashing the prioritize button on a building to death before I can get them to get the hint I want them to build it. lol
  11. no babies

    I mentioned this in another post, but sometimes I can get very lucky, they will pair up, and breed like rabbits. Other times I have to constantly use the cupid power to get them to have babies. My current game went down to 8 nuggets because they were dying off from old age and not pairing up to have baby nuggets. I got back up to 20 or so nuggets and it seemed to have kick started them again. It's very weird.
  12. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    I'm not really sure.. it kind of seems that way. I had one save where I had over 70 nuggets and my current game that I'm playing I literally have to pair nuggets or I won't have any. Sometimes they just pair up and breed like rabbits and sometimes they don't. I've got the almond joy/mounds effect going..
  13. Quest Question

    For me they have been in the nugget list. Their status is "wandering around." Also, if they are not listed, then another thing that helped was that the nugget is yelling "mom.. help" and I have been able to find them that way.
  14. Upgrading and Disasters

    No, you don't have control over when they build them, but if you're in a real pinch.. turn them off temporarily. They're 2 water each and if your game is like mine.. there's usually 5-10 huts floating around so that is 10-20 water you can save until you can get a pump up and running. You'd probably have to build two as when you do turn on the huts.. that'll be water chewed up, but that could also work if needed..