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  1. Patch Notes: CHUPACABRA

    This is wonderful. I didn’t want to start playing the game for the first time until this patch was released. Now that it has, I can finally begin my adventure in The Universum. Keep up the good work!
  2. Help Us Translate The Universim Website

    I'd be willing to translate the website (and the game, perhaps?) to Dutch if there's need for it.
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Patrick and I'm from the Netherlands. I've been following Universim for a couple of years but I didn't have the money to support it on Kickstarter back in the day, now that I do have the means to support them I purchased the Mammoth Edition and I'm happy to call myself a proud Universum owner. I will have to go to work right now but as soon as I get back I'll make sure to check out the game for the first time myself (instead of watching other people play it on YouTube).
  4. Hello! I just purchased the Mammoth Edition for $250. Have been following Universim for quite some time and now that I finally have a job of my own I figured: "Why not support this awesome game and its developers?"