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  1. That actually does sound fun, then the Odyssey of a BattleStar Galactica or Titan A.E. type of society happens...
  2. I’ll toss in some thoughts. Now being this is similar in some ways to Spore but far far more expansive and other stuff. The one thing I think spore got right was with lower intelligent species and the evolution of space travel for those species. 1. No one can colonies a planet with intelligent life and could not declare a war with them unless they reached space travel. Now this being a “God” type game how will the idea of other species pan out? Will our powers influence them or will we be powerless? Or will there be ways of manipulating them? I.E. a “2001 space odyssey” type of Zyggarat or something a long those lines ( the exact word illudes me atm ) to help evolve the species. 2. As for our primary species I would think that some for of excelerated space travel will at some point be possible. “Warp” or “light speed” 3. Lastly I would assume in order to colonize a planet to support the kind of life as our species that we would need Tariform (sp) to some degree with the core elements of our primary home world. Now on these elements of Spore I thought it made a lot of sense that this would be how “most” technological species would endure life of traveling space. Anyhow more ideas would be great!
  3. Regarding Console Edition... "if" just a quick question, "If" this game does go to console's will we have the option to log in to our main accounts? I.E. our alpha/beta accounts? i really hope the answer will be yes Thank you!
  4. Chupacabra Feedback, Bugs & Issues

    now this is interesting... please add the Temple of Doom! couldn't resist, i instantly thought of a nugget getting tossed into a Volcano!
  5. Linux Mint and Chupacabra Patch

    Just to add something i forgot to mention is that in order to shut the game down, or exit the menu page, i have to press the power button on my PC and do a Reboot. the shut down/restart button does come up so its not 100% hard shut down i can click the restart button. it does seem though all keyboard functions in the game are not working as of yet. hope this helps.
  6. Linux Mint and Chupacabra Patch We are getting warmer, i am running a clean install of Linux Mint, all updates done, Nvidia drivers on, mono installed, and now i can press the button and get all the way to start new life page (menu). thing i have noticed is that when i was on windows all the graphics worked properly, with Linux Mint there is no animated graphics. also now i cannot pick anything on the menu options. all in all though we are getting closer to it being playable which to me is amazing! if there are anything else i need to do that i am missing to get the game to run any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  7. Black screen on Linux

    i am Running Linux Mint same issue but its not all black i see the text to "press any key" to continue however nothing happens, but the cursor is free to move around its just not loading the game up. i am new to Linux but i am fiddling around with stuff to see if i can get a workaround. otherwise its not working to that point...
  8. Unable to Launch Demo for Steam Os

    Unable to Launch Demo for Steam Os i downloaded the Demo to the my Steam Os PC and when i get to press any key screen it wont continue, i can hear the game loading music but that is all. any help would be greatly Appreciated Thank you!
  9. Hello! I am looking to receiving my badge please. pledge $250, thank you kindly