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  1. Game wont load

    I play in create new life
  2. no I scrolled in very close where he was at ground level so I didn't drop him.
  3. Doing quest "Find my Lost Nuglet", found Uga, scrolled in and gently placed him on the ground next to the hut with the ring. He fell/flung into the ground and died. Mission successful lol!
  4. Loaded in second new world this patch, I've noticed that the trees and rocks don't fully load in for a few years. When placing new buildings you can see the yellow dots underneath the building shadow before placement selection, showing that they are there. They suddenly appear when a nugget begins harvesting of the resource
  5. How it happened: I attempted to place a fishing shack. Fishing shack shadow turned yellow, placed building, but the building didn't give a plop sound and didn't place, but vanished from the cursor. So I pulled up another fishing shack, however the shadow stayed red and wouldn't place. I then selected another fishing shack from the build menu, and had 2 fishing shack shadows attached to the cursor. Hitting esc didn't detach them but instead went to the esc menu. I then selected a well in attempt to clear the buildings attached to cursor, but instead ended up with 2 fishing shacks and 1 well attached to the cursor. I created a save game then loaded the save file straight from the archive. First load attempt was 15 minutes, I then alt-f4 and reloaded the game. Second load attempt was 15 minutes, I then restarted computer completely. Third load attempt was 17 minutes. I'm not sure if it has to do with the building issue or not, but that's what led up to it. EDIT: This was between years 46-53 It wont allow me to attach the save file, saying " You are only allowed to upload 1.95mb.", the save file is 12,866 KB Windows 10 Pro Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.4GHz 3.4 GHz 8.00 GB (7.89 GB usable) 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
  6. House stuck mating I sounded the forecaster alarm, nuggets went into bunker. One house was mating at the time, that house is now permanently stuck in the mating animation. The nuggets who live there are still working and appear operational. edit: I telekinesis'd on the house to see if there was anyone still inside, and pulled out a random nugget lol. Might have been the couples child? The mating animation stopped at that time.
  7. Crash report

    Crash report Creating primordial soup was just too much, locked up upon loading into a new world. Manually closed "not responding" program. edit: first time it's locked up and crashed crash.dmp crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  8. Road map There is a discord for the game. Bug reports, discussing issues with devs/QA, mingling with other people playing the game, etc., as well as these forums. They've had the community workshops in forums as well as some posts looking for ideas on other planet models, I would assume it's in process but I'm not part of the team so couldn't answer that one for you, just speculation :3
  9. 600+ babies in 15 seconds

    I was just able to duplicate the bug. I loaded in my game, moved the dead bodies again, used matchmaking on 2-3 couples, and boom, started again. The babies are actually not spawning out of a hut, just in an open spot. This save is giving me all kinds of interesting things (nuggets freezing upon loading up, a congregation of "doing nothing" around the warehouse with "delivering resource" icons above their heads, but they have nothing in inventories, and the baby madness). I don't know how to give save files but if its useful I have it. yeah I'm getting that in general, which is why I'm using matchmaking. If I dont then they die off.
  10. 600+ babies in 15 seconds I used the matchmaking on 2 different couples, Picked up a couple of dead bodies and dropped them off next to the cemetary, then my notifications started going off repeatedly "brand new nuggets!" I ignored it because I thought it was the bug when loading in a saved game. A few seconds later I realized I had over 600 new babies and it just keeps going I may or may not have seen a hut collapse at the point where they all started spawning from.
  11. V .20 Chupa Laborer carrying a dead carrying stone Just watched a laborer carry a dead nugget who was still holding a basket with stone (confirmed by seeing stone in dead nuggets information panel) to the funeral pyre, he placed the dead nugget into the pyre and the resources vanished. I attempted to search around the pyre to see if they were dropped anywhere, but found nothing. Lost resource sink, perhaps?
  12. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    I'm going to go a little more into the lifespans and population control, as I feel it's what puts the most pressure on the cemeteries; what causes the gravedigger problem. Population feedback: In the last patch it felt like a constant population increase where I had to "keep up" with their breeding for food and water production. This patch I have had the issue of the civilization booming pretty quickly up to 20-30 population then slows down, and even declines as the boom starts dying off, thus creating the cemetery dilemma. It doesn't feel like a straight and steady incline for stable population support in later game. I also feel like the amount of work they actually get done in their lifespan is currently on the low end. Many times my crops wither or a body rots because the worker responsible spends a large portion of their life sitting down at the eatery, entertaining, drinking, preparing for a date, or waiting on their partner. When you factor in the amount of time all those actions take with the short lifespan it feels like one nugget does only a couple necessary tasks then dies. That's a lot of pressure on the gravedigger as well, who is also filling all the above listed personal needs while all those bodies decay and infect the population. Suggestion 1: perhaps adjusting the ages at which nuggets can breed, and at what frequency, could help. Couple that with listing the number of children, of age to work/mate, and elderly on the ui, and that would give a steady gauge for the player to go off of with population expectations; if they've had a baby boom, if their elderly are more than 1/4 of total population and going to get a mass death, etc. It shouldn't always be perfect straight line, as that creates a guaranteed (boring) population increase, but straight enough that its not frantic trying to always correct it. Reverting back to a longer lifespan, decreasing the time in seconds it takes those "personal need" actions much lower, and finding the right algorithm for aging can create that straight incline. It also will have the player find greater usefulness out of the matchmaking power to keep the population stable (I personally **LOVE** it, but it needs more ui interfacing for matching desirable nuggets at high population). As an example, another game I played everyone used the ratio of 1:3:1 for youth, adults, and elderly, and the player had to correct any influx or it would create a "wave" later on into the thousands population, crashing everything to a halt. Suggestion 2: keep lifespans as they are now, but reduce the time in seconds it takes to fulfill personal needs, give a larger grace period on rotting bodies causing infection, and/or allow the "heal" god power to cure the infected instead of ONLY being curable at a doctor (that would encourage the heal power much more and increase its usefulness as well). Coupled with larger/smarter cemeteries and upgraded pyres, I think it would at least be a good foundation for an upgradeable system later game. Cemetery feedback: I feel the cemeteries take up a lot of real estate for the amount of bodies they can hold. By the time I'm reaching a population of 50 I've found it necessary to already have 3 graveyards plus a pyre. This usually occurs around between years 90 to 110. I would have to focus more in future games to give a realistic number, but I feel like with the nugget short lifespans one graveyard should last maybe 150 years before the sheer population growth and building spread should require a second graveyard. Without gravediggers having "leashes" to their own cemetery though, especially later when the world if covered in nuggets, they will go to fetch a body and die of hunger on the trip. Suggestion 1: Place a slider bar that controls the radius the gravedigger will travel. This will also give the player control of coverage depending on where they fit the cemetery into their city layout. There definitely isn't a "one size fits all" circle solution. Then when their city expands and the population grows beyond one gravedigger, they can place a second cemetery and adjust both sliders to maybe give one cemetery responsibility of only the areas closest to them. Suggestion 2: Gravediggers are the stuff nightmares and speculation are made out of, definitely some kookey people (no offense to anyone, just setting the tone =P). Perhaps they don't have needs to fulfill. Their life is the dead. Has anyone ever spotted them making a pittstop at the diner? I don't know the implications this has on the developer side, but maybe upon assigning a gravedigger, while under the duty of gravedigger, the nugget doesn't have personal needs. They just... do their job. Possibly the less educated do it better, giving a purpose to those who didn't make it into the schoolhouse. (oh dear please no one get mat at me lol, its just for stories sake) Suggestion 3: Increase the number of nuggets that can be burried in a single cemetery to match the way population grows. It currently just isn't big enough. Also, with the nugget short lifespan, Id say closer to 25 years after burial the gravestone should become available again. Only when the sheer population or span of the civilization outgrows the cemetery should it be necessary to place a second one. (edit) Suggestion 4: Turn the gravediggers into "reapers" who teleport to the bodies location and then teleport the body back to the graveyard. Pyres suggestion 1: Sure, they require wood, and time, and labor, but they give a resource back in return. Whatever resource that's required just after the patch we're currently in would provide a nice transition into the following age and make them not just an option, but useful as well. Pyres suggestion 2: This one is questionable, and I can't exactly say one way or the other because I don't know what's coming to the game in the future. But either make the laborers, or the gravediggers, *soley* responsible for the pyres. Perhaps a passerby laborer will collect the body as it falls, and carry it to the pyre. This should definitely have a cooldown along with requiring a resource or it would just be too good. That would also ensure the requirement of MORE pyres, and upgrading them, as the population grows. That would let the gravediggers just do their job with the cemetery. I feel that gravediggers should never gather wood, it should always be the laborers, and should continue to always gather resources into the warehouse (perhaps in the future it will be necessary to specify "worker/builder" and "gatherer" nuggets). A thought on matchmaking: I think its a brilliant idea and I would really love to see it kept as it works. I think it has the potential to be the major driving force of your entire population growth and direction when you throw the new nugget genetics into the mix. Its a great way for the player to control the current issue of population spikes and falls. Programming the nuggets population to be a line thats a slow crawl of an incline, or even steady pace, and allowing the "god" to decide when they are ready for a larger population. However, using this power last night to save my nugget population that suddenly decided to stop mating, I found it was difficult to use. I can't even imagine at a higher population, it'd be impossible. The problem is you have to click individual nuggets to see if they have a spouse, if they are old enough to mate (I accidentally slapped a few babies around in the dirt last night trying), what their genetics are, and all of this doesn't update while the game is paused. So you're playing a smash the moving fly game while trying to keep track of who is who. Suggestion: I really hate suggesting this, because I know its more work for the devs, I'm sorry... but with matchmaking there really needs to be a whole nether nugget UI frame. One that allows you to ctrl-click the god power right there on the information panel to select the chosen ones. It will show the clickable sort ascending/descending tabs for male/female, if they have a spouse, the name of their spouse, their age, and their genetic (the new positive and negative perks). It would allow you to say "I want more nuggets who move faster for workers", let you select the drop down for that specific genetic, and from there you can find a suitable male and female who are both young and dont have a spouse. It would also not be so painstaking at higher population numbers to quickly select breeding pairs. This system though would require the nuggets to maintain their own population, without any large incline, and without decline, or it just turns into a game of "keep breeding before their numbers drop too fast". IN CLOSING I know thats some pretty long winded responses for feedback, but I feel its important to give all the details of issues and suggestions to see the picture more clearly, and possibly spark some ideas into others' minds! These are by no means solutions, but just what I could think of for the time based on my play experience. I've been waiting a VERY long time for a game like this to even come into existence, so I'll do my part to help in its success. I hope some of the information maybe helps, or gives you guys other ideas I overlooked entirely.
  13. I've been searching the forums trying to find where patch notes and/or any upcoming patch information is located. Finally found the link in your post! However, it currently goes to an error page: " Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2F176/1 "