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  1. Dead body issue

    There was a comment in one of the dev replies that said the cemetery would be revamped, or added into the Funeral Pyre in some way. I believe they were looking for feedback regarding how to fix it. Some suggestions ranged from having grave-diggers have a radius, or making community nuggets dig a grave right where it is, with some penalty.
  2. Culture

    This would be cool to implement different "God Powers," like forcing cultures to trade with each other, or creating gladiator style arenas to please you.
  3. Pre medieval

    Hey, just following up on this. Regarding the "research," is that the current "Stone works" and "Wood Works" that refines normal stone and wood into materials that we can upgrade wells, hospitals, et al.?
  4. Hello! I am a paypal customer. My email address is the same one use for the profile. Thanks!