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  1. Hey all greetings from Canada! Can't wait to see where this game goes!
  2. Chupacabra Feedback, Bugs & Issues

    I have noticed a few of these bugs as well. for some reason my most recent save is freezing all nuggets. They just stand there doing nothing with thoughts popping above there heads. but when it was working I had the issue with my gravedigger leaving bodies and farmers not tending farms. That part seems like ai and as stated a patch soon for that one.
  3. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Hey guys, recently bought and love this game. - Cemeteries. I feel a good idea would be to have the Nugget bodies biodegrade in the graves, thus opening them up for reuse. Also the Nugget operating it seems to forget a body every once in awhile. - Pyres. Thinking less wood more bodies. would be a good idea. Also have them use it more. it saves on coffins/graves - Population is a more tricky one. you need to keep up without overfilling the population. Trial and error, maybe make it so each Nugget couple can only have a certain number of little Nuggets? and only so many can reproduce based on time period. I realize these have been brought up but agree with them as great ideas. odd things I've noticed so far..... The bunker seems to be for display purposes only so far? 2 tornadoes and 0 nuggets ran for the shelter. The Nugget needs could use some balancing. They always seem to be off taking care of needs more than working. Fishing 6 fish per trip and quite a bit of time to gut them... not viable for a food source. maybe add more fish per trip or less time to catch/gut. Maybe a fishing net upgrade to increase catch size? As always lets also keep moving to the future Love this game as stated above, I am sure it will be THE great god game when finished! I will keep watching for patches and exploring for bugs. Keep up the great work guys!