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  1. How to use God Powers

    Most of it is right click and control button, although on healing the directions say hold own LMB...Instead tap the heck out of it while following your nugget thats what heals them.
  2. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    Well, yes at the point I'm referring to your literally starting from scratch anyway. Your just starting on the same planet you were already on (vice closing out to main menu and starting a new Planet.
  3. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    At this point I cannot see the reasoning for Funeral Pyre, It doesn't seem to work in conjunction with the cemetery and it cannot be manned. Once it fills up with wood it just sort of sits there. The Cemetery definitely needs more spots, or it needs to be smaller. By the time I get a nugget population of around 20-25 and the first and second generation begin to die off I end up filling up two cemeteries. Also in the case of God powers and reproduction, in the event of a catastrophic wipe of the nuggets, being able to "remake Adam and Eve" would be very helpful. maybe make it a creation God power have it be 800 point cost or something. Then we can keep the planet going instead of restarting everything.
  4. Upgrading and Disasters

    Maybe develop a granary/reservoir system that is immune to disasters? I also get the problem where at a certain amount of nuggets they just stop eating and drinking and start to die off.
  5. nuggets non responsive

    nuggets non responsive Hi all, I've been through about 3 games so far and as soon as I get about 30-35 nuggets everyone just stops, then they start complaining about food, water, etc. Its all there! they just wont get it anymore, the engineers don't fix anything. How does the funeral pyre work?