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  1. no babies

    Yeah the problem arised before the hotfix now my lastest playthrough the nugget population grew to 43, altough I didn't test the cupid power.
  2. no babies

    mine stopped having babies after 10 nuggets tried to force with the cupid power but didn't seem to produce a baby. Ankwardly, i dont know if its part of a bug aswell one of couples kept mating even though I accidently matched two female nuggets.
  3. The title pretty much says it all, know your demand and your nuggets might just stay health come spring. I don't know if this is too much too ask, but i think this is a much needed feature sometimes as your civ expands it becomes extremely hard too predict how much food you might need to produce especially when winter is around the corner with no way of fishing or farming food. Another solution of course is hunting which I doubt the team hasn't already considered.
  4. Bodies all over the place

    problem is that their too slow and between locating, loading, digging and burring the corpses the have to drink ,eat, mate ,amuse and get themselves cured from infection its too much for one nugget alone they need to make it into a two nugget minimum. One digs and refuels the funeral pyre and the other finds and buries the bodies in the cemetery.
  5. God Power Idea

    I have a devilish idea for a power which would also work well with the conclave hub on the game, lets say one your nuggets asks of you to murder a another for whatever reason (love, jealosy , madness,...) anything really. Then you of course have a choice to accept it or reject it as a reward your new nuggets gain traits that might or not be passed down trough generations.
  6. Mating

    Mating Whenever disease, famine and/or disaster strikes the nuggets tend to stop mating my suggestion is when the nuggets want children they should use the conclave in form of a store. For example you get email of sorts that lets you buy new nuggets where you choose the sex or better yet you buy a pair of nuggets, much like the pair you get at start the game. Its just a tought.
  7. Can't login to dashboard

    now is saying that I can't recover my password cause my email is not registered. I CAN USE SOME ASSISTANCE FROM THE STAFF
  8. Can't login to dashboard

    I can most definitly tell you that is not the issue logged in several times to the forum without issue by typing my full email or username my self. Just can't seem to get in the Dashboard. ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?
  9. Can't login to dashboard Hi, Paid for the game yesterday for the most basic pack on theuniversim website , recovered my password and still no access. Used the exact same email address to pay with paypal, so I'm just waiting some of the staff to help me here!