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  1. I would think that since you have to press CTRL to pick someone up, it wouldn't be too unreasonable to ask the player to press CTRL again when they're ready to drop, or charge up and throw the nugget as well. This would let you pick up something and pan around the world freely before you're ready to toss the object. And, perhaps, if you release the CTRL button the charged up power would go away. This would serve as a way to cancel or undo the charged up throw if you have decided you don't want to slam your nugget into the earth after winding up the click.
  2. When you use telekinesis to pick up a nugget (say for the quest, or other reason) it should be a lot harder to slam them into the ground and kill them. You left click and drag to move the world around, once you pick up a nugget you instinctively want to left click and drag to get to the place you want to drop the nugget, but that merely starts charging up the inevitable death slam of your precious nugget. There should, at the very least, be a way to cancel this charged up nugget-slam. Maybe there is and I'm just not aware of how?
  3. Version: Module: Mechanics My machine: OS: Windows 10 Pro v. 1703 64 bit Processor: Intel i7-4790K RAM: 16GB GCard: Nvidia GTX 1080 Brief Description: When loading a saved game, the UI was failing to update any numeric values. Steps to Reproduce (STR): After starting a new game of the create new life mode, I build several buildings and an archive. I saved the game and closed it entirely. Later, after re-launching the game and loading my save game I noticed that none of the UI values were updating. The nugget population was stuck at 21/4, the water pump output and usage were also stuck even though I added a water pump. Additionally the creator powers were not changing either. I have been unable to reproduce this issue since, so I'm assuming it is a low priority.
  4. Version: Module: Mechanics My machine: OS: Windows 10 Pro v. 1703 64 bit Processor: Intel i7-4790K RAM: 16GB GCard: Nvidia GTX 1080 Brief Description: The nuggets build the base model buildings when they're supposed to be building the upgraded ones. Steps to Reproduce (STR): After building almost every unit in creator mode, and growing the population to around 25 (no other use-cases tested), I attempted to upgrade the pump. The construction started, the old pump was destroyed and the construction appropriately required the new refined materials. Once the materials were refined and used, the construction began and was completed, but the old pump was built and the upgraded one was not. The pump was then "ready to be upgraded" again since it was never really upgraded the first time. I attempted to upgrade a reservoir as well as a farm and the same occurred on all three. None of the buildings were being upgraded.
  5. Thanks for the roadmap! Where did you find this? This is just what I was hoping to see.
  6. I think he's implying that it's none of our business what their private company's revenue has been over the last year and since it's not a publicly traded company we're not going to know.
  7. Thinks that need improvement with the company/game (great game, though). Hello, First, I want to compliment the developers and the entire team for the company and game in its current state. It's early, but it's seemingly well polished and beautiful with a ton of potential and I cannot wait for this to be a finished product. If it ends up being half the game it looks like it will be then I'd happily recommend it to everybody when it's finished. I have a few comments/feedback/questions, though: Is there a roadmap? I've been lurking, reading updates, and following the progress of this game for over a year. The development seems slow, but of quality which is a good sign. Nobody ever made a quality product with "time" being their only metric. That said, I'd like an informal, no-obligation roadmap to outline the rough estimate on what medium to long term goals are being worked on and rough estimates on their completion. I.E., we plan to work on the industrial revolution phase of the game in the next year, with the game being released sometime in 2019 or w/e. The community forums here are good, but I think other social media would be better. Few people (these days) go out of their way to visit specific websites to mingle. Sites like Reddit are designed to have an informal community of people helping each other (which could relieve you guys of some of that stress). The current reddit page is dead and depressing as nobody talks there. Question: The progress seems to be relatively slow. It's been 3 years and there's barely ~3 hours of gameplay before the game runs out of content. Are later stages of civilization being worked on yet? I thought, perhaps, they have been, but are excluded from the Alpha for some reason or another, but I don't see any evidence to that end. Everything I've read suggests that the game will encompass all stages of life down to space exploration but after 3 years of development we have only the stone age and the medieval age. The game, is really polished looking and visually beautiful. I love the attention to detail, like the screen getting wet in the rain etc. Those things make this feel like a AAA title. Good job on that. Personal curiosity: how big is the dev team? (I'm a software engineer myself, so I'm just curious).