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  1. Gravediggers work non-stop

    I have this too but also as it used to stand around and act dumb, the grave digger now keeps on ''walking to the grave yard''. when I drop the nugget off. they go do something else, like drink from the lake while there is an upgraded well just a few steps further. then again walk back to the grave yard. tree bodies there to take care off which I eventually found making other nuggets sick. but while the grave digger nugget kept showing ''going to the grave yard'' she walks away and back to the grave yard. the entire time. not actually working. Ofcourse I dropped her of in space. but the next grave digger did the same thing
  2. Playingon windows 10. Latest update. Patch note says that upgrades work different but in my creator game buildings won't upgrade at all. I tried without recources and with more than enough but nothing works.
  3. Maybe if I murder all the slow, lazy nuggets it'll go better

    1. Christoffer


      Qoute: ”Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  4. flying nuggets

    Happend to me too the exact same. around 30 to 40 nuggets alive around year 70. after buildong the same buildings they acted like they were in a tornado. But mine are also wiggling around before flying off like half above the ground
  5. Everything went great! until year 70 where at first I thought the nuggets wiggled around just flat on their face. Now I see half of them float about one nugget lengt above the ground. sometimes jist walking fine. other times taking of in flight while I can't even select them. almost like I'm seeing nuggets that aren't mine or something. I'm playing on windows 10 and have everything up to date. in creator mode I also reported through the bugg button but didn't notice them flying of before I changed the view. I hope this helps
  6. Yeah or maybe just CTRL button to kill and simple click to just put them down. I've killed thousands of the poor bastards just by using the click option wrong
  7. While the upgrate button works by demolishing the building but it won't actually upgrade. I tried upgrading the well and eatery several times but the buildings where just rebuild in the same way and same stats. upgrade cost also stayed the same.
  8. The gravedigger getting stuck has finally been resolved but now other nuggets have the problem where they show an action but they are just standing there until they die. I've noticed the nuggets coming out of the hospital and the farmer doing it and a few others too.