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  1. New website backer for Mammoth pledge. Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks!

    Still doesn't mean its not an ISP issue along the path. You may just have a slow connection along the way to the Crytivo servers. I know many others who have downloaded with blazing fast speeds. When the game is released through Steam, then the Steam servers will be your best option to download most likely.
  3. How do I download the new squad test patch?

    Glad you're up and going... enjoy
  4. How do I download the new squad test patch?

    Run the launcher and it should have an Update button in place of the Start button. If not, then recommend reinstall game. You can get the launcher installer along with your game key via the Dashboard on theuniversim.com.

    Hmm... just released update so its possible to be a bottleneck. However that normally isn't the case nowadays. Usually slow downloads are on the ISP end of things. Your area may be affected by a random outage causing delays. They happen all the time.
  6. After loading from a saved game, you are unable to build certain items. Main one I have found is the Fishing Pier while others have reported Water Pump. I have been able to build farms though. Reproducible by doing a save game, exit game and load save game. Then try to build one of the mentioned problem buildings above.
  7. I saw that got changed with the new UI for nuggets. I would like to see it go back to the way it was with sorting as well.
  8. Nuggets Alive Counter

    Yeah, see how many nuggets along with how many Creators (Gods) there are globally.
  9. I would quote Christoffer's post, but it would be a huge wall of text... The problem I see in the current version (v21) is that time seems to go by too quickly in regards to seasons, while nuggets age and die too soon. I would like to see the seasons slow down and the research in the epicenter have options instead of having a set linear progression to the research. Research over time if chosen right, should have speed up effects so by the time you reach space age, you can do things faster without losing the feeling of having seasons. Then when you get to a new planet, you can use some of the new technology, but on the new planet, it slows down again while you work with the resources to build up again. Maybe change the research panel to a tree like I saw in earlier posts. Make choices matter to the life of the nuggets.
  10. 3D Printing Type: Global Category: Building/Upgrades Functionality: 3D Printing would be used to reduce build time and to create parts for upgrades.
  11. If you've read the Bobiverse series, they had an idea in there to make a planet without water livable. So this idea really isn't mine, but I think it would be an interesting way to make a planet sustain life. What is the Machine Called - LifeStarter What does it look like In the series, it was many small rockets attached by Robots. So in this game, it could be single robot that attaches itself and then detaches at the end of the journey. Functionality - Using Ice asteroids in space, the LifeStarter would attach and slowly push the asteroid to the lifeless planet. - Once at the lifeless planet, it would release and let the gravity pull it in - During descent, the ice asteroid would burn up causing water in the form of rain and clouds - Over time, it would fill in the valleys and create the lakes/oceans used to sustain life
  12. While holding the CTRL key and clicking on the nugget, you should see a small circle start to grow in a clockwise manner. Once it’s filled, you can let go of the mouse button and CTRL key to move the nugget around.
  13. I had problems at first with picking them up until I figured out you need to click and hold until the circle fills completely. Then you can drag them around without holding the mouse button.
  14. Normal placement of the nuggets after picking them up should be a 'Godly Presence' float to the ground. You can drop them abruptly with a different key mapping to raise you evil presence status. But by default, they should float down.