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  1. Poor Birth Rates

    I would categorize this as a challenge to be overcome. If you spread your city out, there isn't enough population density to spur growth. The new mating mechanic means you'll want strategically placed wells to encourage interaction. Keep an eye on where the new stone huts are being placed, and make sure there's a well in the area. Keep the city as tight as you can. There is very much a balancing act between production and growth. Research Divine Punishment as soon as it's available!
  2. While I appreciate the effort to update the Nugget List Panel, I don't think it's quite there yet. I'm not a fan of everything but the highlighted Nugget information turning dark. I miss the Status column as I can now no longer see what Nuggets are doing at a glance. I would like to see a Marital Status column added, especially with the advance in relationship mechanics. Finally, the list completely bogs down when there's a lot of Nugs.
  3. I finally made it through to the "end" with all the blue research unlocked and a village of 80 Nuggets Aside from the bugs that have been reported, this update was pretty solid. One thing I noticed in the late game is the Nugget List Panel really bogs down when there's a lot of Nuggets. Thanks for adding in the Lumber Mill and Stone Mine. Those along with the new upgrade system really helped with getting everything upgraded. The flag system did a good job of keeping the visual clutter down. The road system was fun to work with, and I like how the Nuggets are spreading out away from the Evolution Tower. The performance enhancements are very noticeable, thanks for those! Finally, thank you for all of the great art assets. From building construction to the animals to resource gathering, everything looks like care and attention went into the details. Even on Medium graphics settings this is a gorgeous game. I wish you all Happy Holidays and I will eagerly await the next update! --ArmchairGravy, aka Geez3r
  4. Has anyone found a workaround? This is a game-breaker for me since I can't save and resume. I've tried spamming water pumps, but then everyone starves or a tornado hits or some other calamity happens because I'm spamming water pumps instead of building the village.
  5. A Poll to see what you want!

    You aren't going to get "completely fixed" anything in an alpha game.
  6. Unable to Build after Loading Saved Game

    Both Fishing Piers and Water Pumps are affected. I've not found any other item.
  7. Nugs ineffectually flailing at shrubs in the road

    Yes, but trees get chopped. Shrubs just sit there and soak it up, leading to a workforce sitting there trying to chop something that won't chop.
  8. Either Nugs should ignore shrubs in the road, or they should be able to destroy them. Having the entire labor force flailing away on a shrub to no effect is amusing only for so long.
  9. Can you bring back Status to the Nugget population screen? I don't care if it eats most of the window. I'm now missing valuable information.
  10. Instead of having the list of Nuggets always come up sorted alphabetically, can we get the window to open the last sort?
  11. Villagers will get stuck in Mating status and will stay in hut losing stamina and starving. They show as asleep, but when looked at status shows "Mating". Using telekinesis on them will snap them out of it.
  12. [.22] Mountains Missing

    I have a world with the same issue. No mountains. Also no rocks and no shrubs.
  13. Are there other files besides the game files that need to be deleted when reinstalling?
  14. How are Creator Power Points and Powers supposed to work?

    Jolt of Joy used 100 CPP when I used it in .22. At least it is getting better.
  15. I uninstalled, restarted the PC, and reinstalled. I was still able to replicate the bug.