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  1. Hi! First, the following list may not be all bugs, but some times things forgottent by the devs. Version: OS: Windows 10 x64 Oversight: Building panel has no 'X' to close the panel, 'ESC' key works. Bugs: Building panel: sorting by Health doesn't sort correctly. Other columns sort normally. Mouse wheel dosen't work on scrollable list after loading a saved game. Missing love particles when Nuggets are mating / Stone Hut is moving as if Nuggets where mating inside but empty. Reservoirs don't freeze when the temperature goes below 0°, event at -15 they don't freeze. They evaporate at +30°. Gravedigger doesn't pick-up moved body at right place. When a Nugget dies and the gravedigger is going to fetch him. If you move the dead Nugget, then the gravedigger continues to the original death place. The gravedigger does that for every dead Nugget that are moved, even if he hasn't begun to fetch the body. Changing the gravedigger updates the status of the bodies and the next gravedigger picks the body up at the last place (Where the body is really) And the disease zone around the body is moved with the body of course. It is possible that 1 or 2 bugs are already reported. Kerroïn
  2. Cannot deselect anything

    I have observed the same bug. Note that the last clicked building is the one you can place. The other ones are really ghosts. It is still active ain the Pumpkin patch. Version: OS: Windows 10
  3. Version: OS: Windows 10 x64 Description: There is a memory leak apparently when loading a save and having a game already running. As if the currently running game was never cleared from the memory. I saw this in the task manager of windows 10, showing an increase of 3-4GB every time I loaded a save. Reaplication: Start a new game, play for a moment, then save it. continue playing a little while, then load the save. And hop, the memory goes up. Module in cause: The Core I suppose Computer specs: Intel Core i7 6700k @ 4GHz 32GB of RAM Nvidia 980 Ti Observed values: Games runs at 5Gb of ram after a loaded save. load the same save memory going up to 8GB Load the same save again memory goes up to 11GB Continues until PC lags... Hope this helps! Kerroïn
  4. Pumpkin Bugs

    I have experienced those bugs too. I might add that, for all the bugs, I didn't had them when I hadn't researched the second level of technology (the level that grants upgrades).