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  1. Hello there! First of all, I really want to thank you for your great job. However, there are few bugs I found while playing in the last 3 hours: 1. If you make your nuggets live in the desert - they will go like 1\4 of the planet just to get some woods or stones - even if they have few nearby. 2. I do not know if it is a bug or not - but I found my colony with 90% female - I found out that you can make them lesbian by god spell [I see what you did there..! ] - and because they can not have babies [biologist... so they always going to bang each other...(I mean so you are a nurse and it sexy and all but you do not have to bang 24\7... it's kinda annoying!) ] and I have only one male that is not married [well he is now...] and he is a pedophile... because he's 36 years old and his wife like 4 years old and she's his sister so... it's kinda creepy. he just waited 32 years without falling in love with anyone [and there are more 13 female and than this little girl turned 4 and he married her... [what a waste[. 3. I never did the god missions before but I got the mission to punish someone and I dropped him on the water... I do not know if it is a bug... but can you make them "learn" to swim please? because he's dead now [had to found it on the hard way... but on the other hand, he got his punishment!]. 4. I keep seeing Cetacea stuck on the beach from the beginning of the second game. 5. The prioritize button IS NOT WORKING!!! 6. Nuggets going to get resources when they are on low food \ water and they die on the way back 7. I have a home with 10 children now. they are not children anymore... but they still living with their parents and they are not falling in love - so the father and the mother made 18 children [8 just died...]. 8. The bug report button doesn't work. Well that it for now - I will try to play it again tomorrow and I will update if I will find any other bugs. P.S I must say it again - you made a great job!. UPDATE: 1. the prioritize button IS working but only after I click a lot on it so everyone leaving other things and "run" to build - Thanks guys I just hope it would work someday only with 1 click [I started a new game so I don't know if it happening now - I will update at sunday (will start a new game) and check the button again]. 2. When using the spell "Jolt of Joy" it uses all the god mana and not only 1 - I tried it with other few and no problem with them - only this spell uses all the god mana. 3. It's not a bug but... I found out you can make parents fall in love with their children... 4. There's a Tornado coming in and I can not use the alarm..! 5. after few game years they stop having babies and build.
  2. Transferring the Game

    Yes, you will have to buy it again [kidding]... Why do you think you will have to buy it again? Go to your dashboard and download the alpha version again and use the key you got when you purchase it. P.S If you didn't activate it already in your steam account you should do that now.