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  1. At 100 Nuggets...

    THIS! I am always left with no choice but to use my powers to help, but it never seems to be able to keep up / I run out of power to do so. I also believe the doctors need better task prioritization -- I notice a LOT of idling and personal tasks being done by doctors when the red broken bones are engulfing my screen.
  2. Random floating nuggets

    Hopefully the next patch will address this...seems to be affecting most/all games, right around building upgrade time. Then everyone starts dying off and I throw the corpses into the atmosphere in frustration (which sometimes triggers epidemics of 'shock and awe' in the remaining survivors hehehe ) Can't remember if they said it was gonna be fixed or not (anyone know?) BUT I am super excited and can't wait for the next patch to be available on the 5th!!
  3. OK I see, so later in the game it becomes this tree. It also explains why you can't seem to build anything in the location where it first appears....I guess it'll be used later on. Thanks for the explanation!
  4. The Universim Community Labs - Mission #7

    I've also thought about the population growth / die-off challenges in the game and ways to overcome them. One idea that I thought of, was having population growth occur at different rates each era. So, in stone age we're interested in every single birth resulting in +1 to the population, maybe in the next era each birth would increase the population by 10, then next era by 100 and so on. I feel like having population grow like this will be important to consume resources, spread disease and influence colonization of other planets. Housing could be upgraded to increase its density as the population increases / as technologies are researched / as time progresses. Each family could be listed in the house's pop-up (I'm thinking like a scrolling menu with one family on top of the other). I fear the planets will fill up too quickly with individual family homes otherwise (the trailer also had skyscraper buildings....which I'm super curious to learn more about ). I like the idea of limiting the age range of reproduction too. Maybe they can become less fertile when they get older, too. Again, perhaps ages will increase as a whole in new eras? I feel like some more tinkering with ages of nuggets and what they can/cannot do at given ages will help. Having the buttons to increase / maintain population is certainly a solution too....but I must admit I find it a bit too easy, at least for so early in the game (if we're talking at a planetary level managing thousands/millions of nuggests it makes more sense in my mind). That being said it does seem like some kind of "critical point" has been reached after the cemetery is built and the elders start dying...I can't seem to get much more beyond 50 nuggets before things start going all Malthusian on me
  5. The past few games I've started, I noticed when placing the Evolution Tower that two buildings start to be constructed -- a hut and a "Love Tower". The hut gets built normally, but the Love Tower always disappears and is never constructed: The building also isn't in the construction menu (not that I've seen anyways). What is this Love Tower, has it always been generated at the start like this?
  6. In Shock and Awe

    I had the shock and awe thing happen to me today, hard -- all my labourers were just stuck and didn't do anything. Of course, this occurred whilst attempting to upgrade my well, meaning nobody was building anything as they were all "in awe", my water supply ran out causing whoever wasn't "in awe" to go drink from the lake and get sick and die. Everything seems to break down in the civilization once the lumber mill and rock refinery get built -- people get "in shock and awe", jobs stop being completed, buildings stop being built and it's just a downward spiral that currently seems unavoidable , hope this behaviour will be improved on in the game!
  7. Hunter's Lodge and Forestkepper

    Agreed, maybe a gatherer of some sort too. Hunting + gathering = stone age! There should be a benefit in the game for having multiple food sources, too.
  8. Same, and it is always around the time of the refineries / when you start upgrading the buildings of your village. Could it be a question of the lifespan / childhood-to-adult age range ?? Something about this critical point in the timeline makes it very difficult to progress much further in the game
  9. I have this "doing nothing" issue too -- then, they get hungry and thirsty before "doing nothing" again, and the cycle begins anew. The "first generation" population are usually dying off around this point too, so nothing gets built and my village spirals towards collapse (so far, it's like this at least ). I was wondering if maybe it was caused by one labourer starting a task, dying in the middle of completion, and the game "forgets" to assign it to the next new/available labourer?