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  1. Random floating nuggets

    @Chaosdrone, have you also looked into laborer nuggets going to the other end of the planet looking for ressources and die?
  2. Pumpkin Bugs

    I'm still experiencing flying nuggets and nuggets going nuts and start walking away from the colony to the middle of the planet and die. This leads to laborer nuggets not working, dieing in the middle of the planet, not reproducing, etc. Keep up the good work!
  3. How are Creator Power Points and Powers supposed to work?

    Does the same to me when I use rejuvinate. I think it's a bug.
  4. Hello. tl;dr Great game, great design, but too panicking early game, UI needs work, and population decrease bug needs fixing. First and foremost, this game clearly has a tremendous potential that gets me very excited for its future. I have rarely been so eager about a simulation game, or any game for that matter. Absolutely great concept and great fun! The game is interestingly challenging for a game of its kind. Having to balance the ressources through workforce is actually quite nice. I like that people who die get replaced automatically. Helps a little bit! Thing is, I do feel like you're constantly going against the clock. Lemme explain: You start the game having to develop different researches to help you taking care of your growing population. At first, you get a lot of babies, construct things fast, assign people, etc. All this in a good pace. Such a good pace in fact, that it's actually hard to remain on par with the basic demands of the population (ie food, water, health care). I think it might take away a little of the fun about watching your little nuggets building their village and their community. I feel like you have "no time to lose", and that you have to do everything very fast in order to keep everyone happy. But as I said above, a little challenge is always nice. Farming to get the food to the restaurants is nice also, I love how everything works in such harmony. The raw materials to more advanced products. Great design. But I felt like the farming UI needed some work to be more easily readable. I never understood why the indicators of the seasons never seemed to alter. I would have liked some more informations about how the seasons impact the crops as well. That being said, I'm sure you guys aren't done with the UI yet, I'm merely reporting a feedback. I also couldn't cancel crops once they were in the soil. Housing seemed to be very problematic. I had spouses who lost their loved one and remained alone for the rest of their lives (and that of course could be okay if it wasn't for a problem I'm just about to bring to the table), with their adult children still showing as their "kids", as if they were still living in that same house, but then there was no indications or ways to see where they were actually living. There is also that bug that unfortunately completely breaks the game: After a while, nuggets stop reproducing. In my games, nuggets population dropped from the mid thirties to 0. Cupidon power didn't work enough to keep the population healthy in numbers, and nevertheless, the power should be used to accelerate the birth rates in a healthy population, not sustain it until you're too annoyed to keep going. I also had this bug where some nuggets would "wait for their partners" in huts until they die, after using Cupidon, because for some reason (most probably their death) said partners would never come (no pun intended!). Reminds me of the same thing happening to students who, as weird as it feels typing this, would wait in class for a teacher their whole lives without ever moving again. Anyway, about the population decrease, I guess it would be related to the fact that nuggets would stop building huts altogether? Or perhaps the inability of the AI to actually reuse the huts? I do not have a clue. But I do feel like this should be your very top priority, as this completely stops oneself from testing the game any further. Excuse any grammar/syntax errors, I'm not a native english speaker. Thank you for bringing this amazing game for us and please keep up your beautiful work!