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  1. At moment for v22 there is an known bug about safe games not loading the status of upgrades and causes so to thus that placement of new objects can fail completely.
  2. Try to delete the game as in uninstall, then use the installer to re install it; There bin some issues with old game files getting corrupted after an update, this might also be happening here.
  3. Maybe a nice idea to add an counter on website (in top bar) and forums to see how many people play the game right now as well as a counter to see, how many nuggets alive, on our humble little planet earth! Could be an simple push to an tiny php server that constructs a simple xml file from it.
  4. My last attempt i ended up with like 3 farms for food, 2 fishing huts; and that seems to work out well; one additional farm for herbs,. so hospital was happy; two engineer huts and a good four or so storage area's as gathering food for winter really can go up a lot and then near empty again end winter. But yah them flying off was just annoying enough to close game and wait for today upgrade !
  5. Funny is, i was okay till like 90 nuggets,. then i finished the hospital upgrade without having an hospital; the nuggets started to demand it; so basically as long you do not touch that upgrade nor place an hospital you can get a long way in nugget numbers. Just make sure you do have the graveyard, other wise your nuggets will get sick. But the random bone when you do not own an hospital is manageable vs when you have an hospital where it like an epidemic causes all your nuggets to basically die out...
  6. After like 4 tries, i managed to actually get to like 110 nuggets, but at this point the game became highly unplayable. Other then watch and fix buildings because the nuggets that should be doing it (having two engineer houses lv 2) are to busy flying around. On top the game is near 8Gig just from the save file in memory use something i think is not what you want either so early in the stage of the game. So to sum it up; Or what needs serious looking in to... Flying Nuggets... Keep Engineers More focused on important buildings (Mean food and water is more important then an empty stone home) Balance Hospital more,. At 100+ Nuggets you only will see .... Red broken bone all over the map... Look into memory managment Put auto save on an parallel CPU treat (it literally halts the game for like 4 full seconds)