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  1. With the latest patch, the nuggets seem a bit more productive and aren't having all the pathing issues or flying, which is great. But they aren't producing enough offspring to sustain the population. I got up to around 20 nuggets and everything seemed fine, then they were dying faster than they were producing, then they stopped making babies altogether. I got down to about 3 dudes and 7 ladies. All the dudes were married and no one was making babies. I ended up telling everyone, but the cook to quit their jobs and tried using some god powers, with no luck. On the topic of god powers, a better interface for telling people to hook up would be great. When you are down to 15 people, accidentally having 2 people start a gay relationship is disastrous. Its also not clear if you currently have someone selected before you click on another person. If we could do this from the nugget list view, that would be amazing.
  2. At 100 Nuggets...

    I'm at a bout the same place. Even with 6 engineers and using my powers, I was in over my head. I was trying to throw more and more engineers at the problem, but I couldn't refine stone fast enough to build another engineer shack. My nuggets have also started dying of starvation I think. Idk if they just expect to eat every meal at a restaurant now. I keep telling them that Ill build them another restaurant if they take care of the one they have now