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  1. The Universim or Universnever?

    Hello everyone at Crytivo Games! I've been watching this game for quite some time, it's very unique and original. One of a kind, really. As many others have mentioned before me and it has been answered, however, 5 years in development and you still haven't finished it, you're still in pre-alpha? There has to be a better explanation than "A lot of things that you see right now is the ground level of the game. It is true, that you don't see major changes (a lot of them are being worked on parallel to the patch that we release each month), but our main goal so far was to create a good structure (bare bones) that will allow us to easily add new features and make major changes that are coming.", which Sasha mentioned in a previous post. 5 years is a long time. Pre-alpha, alpha and early access is about pushing out consistent content, major content patches to a degree where the game has enough content to call itself a game rather than a tech demo. After that is done, bugfixing should be the main priority. There's a reason why you do this, if you keep bugfixing recent - both minor and major - content patches, you'll dig a hole which always will be filled with new bugs after each patch - each patch will create a new set of bugs and each patch will dig more holes. You're opening a can of worms with each patch and it is very apparent that this is what have happened. Five Years, Crytivo. Squashing them is not easy, certainly not. But its more important to push out content, get to a pre-beta stage and then squash the bugs, and in time you'll be able to close the can and eventually be very, very proud of the uniqueness of a game you've created. Sincerely, Ix